Semiconductor Diode MCQ

Semiconductor Diode MCQ

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  • 31st Aug, 2022

Take Semiconductor Diode MCQ Test to Test Your Knowledge

Practice here the best Semiconductor Diode MCQ Questions that checks your basic knowledge of Semiconductor Diode. This Semiconductor Diode MCQ Test contains 20 Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to the question. apart frm this,you can also download here Semiconductor MCQ PDF completely free.

Semiconductor Diode MCQ Questions

1) A crystal diode has ____.

  • A. one pn junction
  • B.two pn junctions
  • C.three pn junctions
  • D.three pn junctions none of the above

2) The reverse current in a diode is of the order of ______.

  • A. kA
  • B.mA
  • C.μA
  • D.A

3) A crystal diode is used as ______.

  • A. an amplifier
  • B.a rectifier
  • C.an oscillator
  • D.a voltage regulator

4) The d.c. resistance of a crystal diode is _____ its a.c. resistance.

  • A. the same as
  • B.more than
  • C.less than
  • D.none of the above

5) If the temperature of a crystal diode increases, then leakage current _____.

  • A. remains the same
  • B.decreases
  • C.increases
  • D.becomes zero
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6) The knee voltage of a crystal diode is approximately equal to ________.

  • A. applied voltage
  • B.breakdown voltage
  • C.forward voltage
  • D.barrier potential

7) When the crystal current diode current is large, the bias is_____.

  • A. inverse
  • B.forward
  • C.poor
  • D.reverse

8) What is crystal diode?

  • A. non-linear device
  • B.bilateral device
  • C.linear device
  • D.none of the above

9) What is the use of crystal diode?

  • A. A crystal diode utilises forward characteristic for rectification.
  • B.A crystal diode utilises similer characteristic for rectification.
  • C.A crystal diode utilises backward characteristic for rectification.
  • D.None of the above

10) Which one is the most important consideration when a crystal diode is used as a rectifier?

  • A. PIC rating
  • B.forward characteristic
  • C.doping level
  • D.reverse characteristic

11) Which type of diode is used as a voltage regulator?

  • A. an amplifier
  • B.zener diode
  • C.a rectifier
  • D.a multivibrator

12) A series resistance is connected in the zener circuit to protect the zener?

  • A. True
  • B.False

13) Mains a.c. power is converrted into d.c. power for _____.

  • A. lighting purposes
  • B.using in electronic equipment
  • C.heaters
  • D.All of the above

14) What is the disadvantage of half-wave rectifiers?

  • A. It produces a low output voltage.
  • B.components are expensive
  • C.pulse
  • D.None of the above

15) The ripple factor of a half-wave rectifier is equal to ______.

  • A. 2
  • B.1.21
  • C.2.5
  • D.0.48

16) If the PIV rating of a diode is exceeded than ______.

  • A. the diode conducts poorly
  • B.the diode behaves like a zener diode
  • C.the diode is destroyed
  • D.None of the above

17) Which filter circuit results in the best voltage regulation?

  • A. capacitor
  • B.choke input
  • C.input resistance
  • D.none of the above

18) What is the maximum efficiency of a half-wave rectifier?

  • A. 40.6 %
  • B.81.2 %
  • C.50 %
  • D.25 %

19) Bridge full-wave rectifier is the most widely used _____.

  • A. rectifier
  • B.half-wave rectifier
  • C.centre-tap full-wave rectifier
  • D.None of the above

20) The PIV rating of each diode in a bridge rectifier is _____ that of the equivalent centre-tap rectifier.

  • A. one-half
  • B.the same as
  • C.twice four times
  • D.one-half

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