Maintenance & Testing of Electrical Equipments MCQ Test

  1. Which material is used for the manufacture of brushes in DC motors?
  2. Which among these devices are used to protect low voltage induction motor?
  3. Tap changing transformers are used for..........
  4. An ammeter is a …………….. instrument.
  5. For what voltage is Twin conductor bundle used in India?
  6. Which of the following machine will be preferred to charge the batteries?
  7. Which of the following motors is used in ceiling fan?
  8. Electrostatic voltmeter instruments are suitable for ……………
  9. The failure % of electric motor is higher due to.............
  10. Which of the following is usually not the generating voltage ?
  11. What rated voltage is the shielded cable provided in a low voltage system?
Maintenance & Testing of Electrical Equipments MCQ

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  • HRC fuse
  • Contactor starter
  • Thermal overload relay
  • All of these
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  • stepping up the voltage
  • stepping down the voltage
  • both stepping up and stepping down the voltage
  • supplying low voltage current for instruments
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  • Absolute instrument
  • Secondary instrument
  • Recording instrument
  • Integrating instrument
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  • Series motor
  • Shunt generator
  • Series generator
  • Series generator
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  • Universal motor
  • Induction motor
  • Series motor
  • Synchronous motor
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  • AC work only
  • DC work only
  • Both AC and DC work
  • None of these
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  • Insulation failure
  • Over loading
  • Bearing failure
  • None
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  • Rated voltage < 1kV
  • Rated voltage > 1 kV
  • Rated voltage < 500V
  • None of them
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