Switchgear & Protection MCQ Test

  1. A transmission line is protected by....
  2. What is the arc voltage in a circuit breaker?
  3. On which of the following effects of electric current a fuse operates?
  4. SF6 is which type of gas?
  5. The arcing contacts in a circuit breaker are made
  6. Outdoor switchgear is generally used for voltage
  7. Arcing voltage will be the least in case of
  8. Which material is used for bus bars?
  9. Which part of the circuit breaker is helpful in breaking the current?
  10. The thermal circuit breaker has...........
Switchgear & Protection MCQ

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  • Inrush protection
  • Distance protection
  • Time graded and current graded over current protection
  • Both (B) and (C)
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  • Lagging the arc current by 90°
  • Leading the arc current by 90°
  • In phase with the arc current.
  • Lagging the arcing current by 180°
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  • Heating effect
  • Electrostatic effect
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Magnetic effect
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  • Electro negative
  • Electro positive
  • Both (a) & (b)
  • None of these
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  • Copper tungsten alloy
  • Porcelain
  • Electrolytic copper
  • Aluminum alloy
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  • Copper rods.
  • Aluminium rods.
  • Silver rods
  • Any conducting material
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  • Instantaneous trip action
  • Delayed trip action
  • Instantaneous short action
  • Any of the above
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