Transmission and Distribution MCQ Test

  1. ..................cable used to connect the distributor to the consumer terminals.
  2. In transmission lines the cross-arms are made of
  3. Transmission voltage of 11 kv is normally used for distances up
  4. What is the maximum range of voltage rating for belted cables are in used?
  5. The distribution system are mostly used in India.
  6. Type of Distribution is preferred in residential areas?
  7. The rated voltage of a Three phase power system is given as.
  8. Transmission line connected are.
  9. In India for distribution of electric power we usually use.
  10. If the frequency of transmission system is changed from 52 Hz to 100 Hz,the string efficiency
  11. Which of the following items shares the major cost in a distribution system?
  12. Power despatch through a line can be increased by.
  13. Aluminium has a specific gravity of
  14. The chances of occurrence of corona are maximum during
Transmission and Distribution MCQ

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  • Copper
  • Wood
  • R.C.C.
  • Steel
  • Single phase, two wire
  • Two phase, four wire
  • Three phase, three wire
  • Three phase, four wire
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  • RMS phase voltage
  • RMS line to line voltage
  • peak phase voltage
  • peak line to line voltage
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  • service points to consumer premises
  • generating station to a switching station/step-down transformer station
  • distribution transformer to consumer premises
  • step-down transformer station to service transformer banks
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  • RCC poles
  • Steel poles
  • Wooden poles
  • Both A and B
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  • will increase
  • will decrease
  • remain unchanged
  • may increase or decrease depending on the line parameters
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  • Conductors
  • Distribution transformer
  • Insulators
  • Earthing systems
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  • installing series capacitors
  • installing shunt capacitors
  • installing series reactors
  • installing shunt reactor
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  • Winter
  • Hot summer
  • Dry weather
  • Humid weather
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