Silicon Controlled Rectifiers MCQ

Silicon Controlled Rectifiers MCQ

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  • 17th Apr, 2021

Take Silicon Controlled Rectifiers MCQ Test & Online Quiz to Test your Knowledge

We have listed Below the best Silicon Controlled Rectifiers MCQ Questions that checks your basic knowledge of Silicon Controlled Rectifiers. This Silicon Controlled Rectifiers MCQ Test contains 25 Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to the question. Finally, you can also download below the Silicon Controlled Rectifiers MCQ PDF.

Silicon Controlled Rectifiers MCQ Test

1) An SCR has _____ pn junctions.

  • A. Two
  • B.Three
  • C.Four
  • D.None of the above

2) What is the full form of SCR?

  • A. Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • B.solar Controlled Rectifiers
  • C.serial Controlled Rectifiers
  • D.None of the above

3) An SCR has three terminals viz _____.

  • A. Anode, cathode, grid
  • B.Cathode, anode, gate
  • C.Anode, cathode, drain
  • D.None of the above

4) An SCR is made of ______.

  • A. Germanium
  • B.Carbon
  • C.Silicon
  • D.None of the above

5) What is Cathode?

  • A. Electrical Device
  • B.Metallic Electrode
  • C.Tube
  • D.None of above

6) An SCR is turned off by _______.

  • A. Reducing gate voltage to zero
  • B.Reducing anode voltage to zero
  • C.Reverse biasing the gate
  • D.None of the above

7) AC power in a load can be controlled by using ________.

  • A. two SCR’s in parallel opposition
  • B.two SCR’s in series
  • C.three SCR’s in series
  • D.four SCR’s in series

8) Why SCR is made up of silicon?

  • A. silicon has large leakage current than germanium
  • B.silicon has small leakage current than germanium
  • C.silicon has small leakage voltage than germanium
  • D.silicon has large leakage voltage than germanium

9) An SCR can be used ______.

  • A. as static conductor
  • B.for power control
  • C.for speed control of dc shunt motor
  • D.All of the above

10) In a silicon controlled rectifier, the load is connected _____.

  • A. Across anode
  • B.In series with anode
  • C.Across cathode
  • D.In series with cathode

11) How many number of PN junction in an SCR?

  • A. Two
  • B.Three
  • C.Five
  • D.Four

12) If firing angle in an SCR circuit is increased, than output _____.

  • A. Remains the same
  • B.Is increased
  • C.is decreased
  • D.None of the above

13) Is SCR can exercise control over Positive or negative half-cycles of a.c. supply ?

  • A. True
  • B.False

14) After firing an scr, the gate pulse is remove. The current in the scr will ____.

  • A. remain the same
  • B.Immediately fall to zero
  • C.Rise up
  • D.Rise a little and then fall to zero

15) Pulse gate triggering is achieved by means of the ___.

  • A. An LC circuit
  • B.an UJT relaxation oscillator circuit
  • C.A diac-triac circuit
  • D.A rheostatic arrangement

16) We can control a.c. power in a load by connecting _________.

  • A. two SCRs in series
  • B.two SCRs in parallel
  • C.two SCRs in parallel opposition
  • D.None of the above

17) Which of the following device has characteristic close to that of an ideal voltage source?

  • A. Zener diode
  • B.Vacuum diode
  • C.Crystal diode
  • D.All of the above

18) With gate open, the maximum anode current at which SCR is turned off from ON condition is called _____.

  • A. breakdown voltage
  • B.peak reverse voltage
  • C.holding current
  • D.latching current

19) Which one is types of the rectifiers?

  • A. half wave
  • B.full wave
  • C.bridge
  • D.All of the above

20) Define the disadvantages of rectifier?

  • A. Rectifiers cannot operate at high voltages.
  • B.Rectifiers can operate at high voltages.
  • C.high voltages.
  • D.None of the above

21) A silicon controlled rectifier SCR is a ..............

  • A. Unijunction device
  • B.Device with four junction
  • C.Device with three junction
  • D.None of above

22) An SCR is sometimes called …………

  • A. Diac
  • B.Triac
  • C.Thyristor
  • D.None of above

23) An SCR behaves as a ……………. switch.

  • A. Mechanical
  • B.Bidirectional
  • C.Unidirectional
  • D.None of above

24) The control element of an SCR is ………….

  • A. Gate
  • B.Anode
  • C.Cathode
  • D.None of above

25) An SCR is a ……………….. triggered device.

  • A. Current
  • B.Voltage
  • C.Both Voltage & Current
  • D.None of above

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