AWS Ec2 interview questions

#1 Question

Explain EC2 in Amazon?


#2 Question

Mention some pros and cons of using Amazon EC2?

#3 Question

List types of EC2 instances available in AWS?


#4 Question

What is the easiest and safest way to backup in Amazon EC2?

#5 Question

For what purpose EC2 instance tags are used?

#6 Question

Why do we create instances in AWS?


#7 Question

List some tools to monitor AWS?

#8 Question

How do you route a domain name to an EC2 Instance?

#9 Question

What is the difference between a public IP and an elastic IP in AWS?

#10 Question

How to regenerate a .pem file for my AWS EC2 server?

#11 Question

What is the difference between a spot instance and an on-demand instance?

#12 Question

How to set AWS EC2 CPU utilization to max or use all cores?


#13 Question

How do we permanently terminate or delete AWS EC2 instance?

#14 Question

What is the purpose of 'Reservations' in Amazon EC2?

#15 Question

What is the difference between Amazon ECS and Amazon EC2?

#16 Question

I am not able to ping my AWS EC2 instance. What is the problem?

#17 Question

How to find EC2 instances running a certain AMI?

#18 Question

What is '2' signifies in EC2 of AWS?


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