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Dynamodb Interview Questions

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. Following are some Amazon DynamoDB Interview Questions that can be asked in Interviews.

1. Explain What is DynamoDB?

2. List some benefits of using Amazon DynamoDB?

3. What are the nonrelational Databases?

4. Is DynamoDB free for use?

5. Explain what DynamoDBMapper Class?

6. List the Data Types supported by DynamoDB?

7. Does DynamoDB support in-place atomic updates?

8. What kind of query functionality does DynamoDB support?

9. Does Amazon DynamoDB support conditional operations?

10. List some difference between Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon SimpleDB?

11. List the APIs provided by Amazon DynamoDB?

12. What Amazon DynamoDB BatchWriteItem API does?

13. Please explain key-value store?

14. What is DynamoDB Auto Scaling?

15. Please explain what are global secondary indexes?

16. List types of secondary indexes supported by Amazons DynamoDB?

17. How many numbers of global secondary indexes do you create per table?

18. What are API calls supported by a global secondary index?

19. How to delete a Global Secondary Index in Amazon DynamoDB?

20. What are local secondary indexes?

21. What are Projections?

22. How to create local secondary indexes?

23. Can I add local secondary indexes to an existing table?

24. How many local secondary indexes can be created on one table?

25. Can I delete local secondary indexes?

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