Amazon DevOps engineer interview questions

  1. How do you copy a local file to HDFS?
  2.  What is iNode on Linux and more details on that?
  3. How do you check physical memory on Linux?
  4. What steps happen when a copy of the local file to HDFS run?
  5. Explain the steps/channels When the user accesses a URL via a browser?
  6. What is distributed cache in Hadoop?
  7. How do you measure network packet?
  8. If there are no cookies how do you make your application work?
  9. How did you make your application work without cookies?
  10. How do you make your database work for a high number of requests at peak hours?
  11. How do you make a background process run?
  12. How do you optimize database?
  13. How do you know how much memory your java application is taking on Linux?
  14. Tell me about garbage collection programming
Amazon DevOps Engineer Interview Questions

Amazon is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company. Also, this is a huge online retailer platform which can offer any kind of products to the customers. The goods and products can be ordered via online where the dealer will deliver it to the customers. If you are looking for making the career in DevOps then you can apply for the position of Amazon DevOps engineer. Being one of the giants in the e-com industry every developer wishes to be a part of it, therefore, an engineer must explore all the possible Amazon DevOps interview questions before facing the panelists.

Here are a few Amazon DevOps interview questions that you must know before you face the interview panel at Amazon:

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