Apache Kafka Interview Questions

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Apache Kafka Interview Questions

Some of the use cases of Apache Kafka are:

  • Message queue
  • Event streams
  • Tracking and logging

Each partition in Kafka has one server that plays the role of a leader, while there can be none or more servers that act as followers.
Leader performs the task of all read and write request, while the followers passively replicate the role of a leader. To ensure load balancing, one of the followers takes up the role of a leader in case of Leader failing.

Kafka holds the feeds of messages in categories that are called as topics. At a high level, the producers send messages to the Kafka cluster that comprises servers that are called brokers, which in turn serves the messages to the consumers.

SerDes means serializer and de-serializer.It is important for every Kafka stream to provide SerDes for the data types of records and record values to materialize the data when necessary.

Apache Kafka

It is distributed, and data is replicated with durability and availability.The performance rate is high with 100,000 messages per second. It also comes with consumer frameworks that allow reliable log data processing.


It has relatively less support for features like replication. The performance rate is 20,000 messages per second.The consumer here is FIFO based that reads from HEAD and process 1 by 1.