Apache Kafka Interview Questions

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Apache Kafka Interview Questions

By adjusting three or four properties as follows, you can successfully send large messages without encountering any exceptions.

  • Consumer side – fetch.message.max.bytes
  • Broker side – replica.fetch.max.bytes
  • Broker side – message.max.bytes
  • Broker side (Per topic) – max.message.bytes

It is nothing but an exclusive concept of Kafka. Each consumer groups has one or more consumers who consume subscribed topics.

Each partition in Kafka has one server that plays the role of a leader, while there can be none or more servers that act as followers.
Leader performs the task of all read and write request, while the followers passively replicate the role of a leader. To ensure load balancing, one of the followers takes up the role of a leader in case of Leader failing.

The offset is a unique id assigned to the partitions, which contains messages.The most important use of offset is that it identifies the messages through the id, which are available in the partitions.

No, it is merely not possible to use Kafka without the Zookeeper, as the user will not be able to connect directly to the Kafka server. And, if for some reason, the Zookeeper is down then the user will not be able to access any of the client requests.