PHP Array Interview Questions

Here is the list of top  PHP array interview questions that can be asked by Interviewer in PHP Interviews to Freshers and Experience.

#1 Question

What is an array in PHP?

PHP Array is a special type of variable that stores multiple values in a single variable. There are 3 types of array available in PHP they are

  • Indexed arrays
  • Associative arrays
  • Multidimensional arrays

#2 Question

How to create an empty array in PHP?

It is very easy to create an array in PHP. You can create an array in PHP using array() function or simply assigning [] in front of variable.

$array1=array() or $array1=[];

#3 Question

How to get number of elements in an Array?

You can use count() function to count the number of elements in a PHP Array.

echo count($array); // outputs 4

#4 Question

What is difference between array_merge and array_combine?

#5 Question

How to check a key exist in an array?

#6 Question

How to create an array from PHP string?

#7 Question

How to Delete an element from an array?

#8 Question

List types of array are available in PHP?

#9 Question

List functions available to sort an php array?

#10 Question

How to convert a JSON string to an array in PHP?

#11 Question

What is difference between count or sizeof function in php?

#12 Question

How to remove duplicate values from PHP Array?

#13 Question

How to get a random value from a PHP array?

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