OpenXava framework Interview Questions

OpenXava Interview questions

OpenXava is a web framework written in Java programming language. It helps developers to develop business applications in an effective way. OpenXava allows rapid and easy development of CRUD modules and reports generation. It also allows developers to define applications with POJOs, JPA and Java 5 annotations. Read Best OpenXava interview Questions and answers.

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OpenXava is a web framework for developing business applications rapidly, effectively, and efficiently as it allows the developer to develop CRUD modules as well as report generation and business applications like accounting packages, customer relationship, invoicing, warehouse management, etc.

OpenXava is a web framework for Rapid Java Web Development for business applications written in Java programing language.

The features of OpenXava are:

High productivity - You do not write HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, etc.

Short learning curve -The OpenXava bundle is prepared for a rapid startup.

Full-featured applications - AJAX user interface with no page reloading.

Mobile user interface - Mobile user interface for your application from the same code.

@Embeddable annotation in OpenXava indicates that this class is an embeddable class of JPA, in other words, its instances will be part of persistent objects.