Analog Electronics MCQ

Analog Electronics MCQ

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  • 05th Apr, 2022

Take Analog Electronics Quiz To test your Knowledge

Below are few Analog Electronics MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of Asp.Net. This Analog Electronics Test contains around 20 questions of multiple choice with 4 options. You have to select the right answer to a question. apart from this, you can also download Analog Electronics MCQ PDF completly free.

1) Whenever load is coupled class A amplifier through transformer efficiency

  • A. Increases
  • B.Decreases
  • C.Nothing happen

2) When MOSFET switch is its on-state it is equivalent to

  • A. resistor
  • B.capacitor
  • C.inductor
  • D.battery

3) The units of transistor h parameters h11 and h22 are

  • A. Same
  • B.Different

4) A buffer amplifier should have

  • A. low input impedance and high output impedance
  • B.high input impedance and high output impedance
  • C.high input impedance and low output impedance
  • D.low input impedance and low output impedance

5) When the ac base voltage in a CE amplifier circuit is too high, the ac emitter current is

  • A. constant
  • B.distorted
  • C.alternating
  • D.zero
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6) A voltage with square waveform having values of +5V and 0V is

  • A. wifi signal
  • B.digital signal
  • C.current signal
  • D.analog signal

7) As the ratio Rf/RL increases the efficiency of a rectifier increases.

  • A. True
  • B.False

8) In a transistor CE mode, VCC = +30 V. If the transistor is in cut off region, VCE =

  • A. +30 V
  • B.+20 V
  • C.10 V
  • D.0 V

9) In all base driver amplifiers

  • A. ac emitter voltage is 180° out of phase with ac base voltage
  • B.ac collector voltage is in phase with ac base voltage
  • C.ac collector voltage is 180° out of phase with ac base voltage
  • D.none of the above

10) A 10 V power supply would use which filter capacitor?

  • A. paper capacitor
  • B.electrolytic capacitor
  • C.mica capacitor
  • D.air capacitor

11) What is the condition if no external potential energy is applied to the PN junction then diode ?

  • A. Forward biased
  • B.Reversed biased
  • C.Zero Bias
  • D.None of These

12) What is an energy gap?

  • A. Space between two orbital shells
  • B.Energy band in which electrons can move freely
  • C.Energy level at which an electron can exist
  • D.None of the above

13) What will happen if doping of an intrinsic semiconductor with pentavalent impurity atom ?

  • A. Fermi level not change
  • B.Fermi level fall
  • C.Fermi level raises
  • D.All of the above

14) Silicon has __________________ valence electrons.

  • A. 2
  • B.4
  • C.6
  • D.8

15) ______________ does not obey the Ohm's law.

  • A. Resistor
  • B.Bilateral device
  • C.Semiconductor
  • D.None of the above

16) When the JFET is no longer able to control the current, this point is called the -

  • A. depletion region.
  • B.pinch-off region
  • C.saturated point.
  • D.breakdown region

17) When the drain saturation electric current is less than IDSS a JFET acts like a -

  • A. current source
  • B.BJT
  • C.battery
  • D.resistor

18) In the active region, the collector current is not changed significantly by -

  • A. base current
  • B.base supply voltage
  • C.collector resistance.
  • D.current gain

19) The current gain of a transistor is defined as the ratio of the collector current to the -

  • A. emitter current
  • B.base current
  • C.supply current
  • D.collector current

20) Three difference Q points are shown on a load line. The upper Q point represents the -

  • A. maximum current gain
  • B.minimum current gain
  • C.intermediate current gain
  • D.cutoff point

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