Single Phase Induction Motors MCQ Test

  1. Which of the following motor will have relatively higher power factor?
  2. Which of the following motor is used in the mixer?
  3. The direction of rotation of an hysteresis motor is determined by _.
  4. In which principle a hysteresis motor works on?
  5. The speed control of universal motor used for sewing machines is by ___.
  6. What is the characteristic universal motor?
  7. The capacitors used in single-phase capacitor motors have no _.
  8. Which of the following motors has highest starting torque?
  9. The rotor of a hysteresis motor is made of Chrome steel.
  10. A repulsion motor is equipped with ___.
  11. Which of the following motors is inherently self starting?
  12. In a split phase motor, the running winding should have
  13. The repulsion-start induction-run motor is used because of ___.
  14. Which type of load is offered by cranes and hoists ?
Single Phase Induction Motors MCQ

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Practice Below the Best Single Phase Induction Motors MCQ Questions that check your basic knowledge of Single Phase Induction Motors. This Single Phase Induction Motors MCQ Test contains 20+ Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to the question. apart from this, you can also download below the Single Phase Induction Motors MCQ PDF completely free.

  • Capacitor start motor
  • Shaded pole motor
  • Capacitor run motor
  • Split phase motor
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  • Repulsion Motor
  • Universal Motor
  • Hysteresis Motor
  • Reluctance Motor
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  • retentivity of the rotor material
  • position of shaded Pole with respect to the main pole
  • interchanging the supply leads
  • None of the above
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  • Eddy current loss
  • Hysteresis loss
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Magnetization of rotor
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  • friction
  • varying the resistance
  • tapping the field
  • centrifugal mechanism
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  • can be operated either on D.C. or A.C. supply at approximately the same speed and output
  • can be marketed internationally
  • runs at dangerously high speed on no-load
  • None of the above
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  • Voltage rating
  • Dielectric medium
  • Polarity marking
  • Definite value
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  • Repulsion motor
  • Shaped pole motor
  • Capacitor-start motor
  • Split-phase motor
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  • Slip rings
  • Commutator
  • Both (A) and (B)
  • None of the above
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  • Split motor
  • Shaded-pole motor
  • Reluctance motor
  • None of the above
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  • Low resistance and high inductance
  • High resistance and low inductance
  • Low resistance as well as low inductiance
  • High resistance as well as high inductance
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  • Good Power factor
  • High efficiency
  • High starting torque
  • Low cost
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  • Reversing, light start
  • Reversing, heavy start
  • Gradually varying load
  • Non-reversing, no-load start
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  • run faster
  • spark at light loads
  • draw excessive current and overheat
  • run slower
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  • Unity power factor
  • 0.8 power factor leading
  • 0.6 power factor lagging
  • None of the above
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  • torque will increase
  • the motor will consume less power
  • motor will run in reverse direction
  • motor will continue to run in same direction
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  • increase the torque
  • reduce the effect of armature reaction
  • reduce sparking in brushes
  • Both B and C
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