SDET Interview Questions

SDET Interview Questions

  • Kanak Singh
  • 27th Jan, 2023

What is SDET?

Software Development Engineer, a software design engineer in a test or in short SDET actually elaborates the testing performed on any software prior to its delivery. This program was initially started by Microsoft but at present other organizations are also concerned about the same. Most of the business platforms at present at looking for candidates having expertise in SDET covering the whole development of their product. The recruiters are looking for a professional's interesting design for development. Organizations here are introducing the same requirement in two different functionalities: testing and development which turns out to be profitable for them.

Sdet's are required to hold their expertise in software development as well as software testing where they have to focus on the testability, performance, and robustness of software development. While interviewing, the recruiters ask for the candidates to demonstrate maximum understanding and knowledge of the programming languages and their testing methodologies. In the long run, it becomes essential to hold your secure position in the interview. If you are looking for a platform to build your career as Sdet then you have to really take care of some advancement. Go to the below-mentioned Sdet interview questions and make your choice.

SDET Interview Questions for Begineers

1) What is your understanding of the role of a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)?

An SDET is responsible for designing and implementing automated tests to ensure the quality and reliability of software products. They work closely with developers and other stakeholders to understand the requirements and design test plans that cover all aspects of the software.

2) What experience do you have in software testing?

Describe any relevant experience you have in software testing, including any specific tools or technologies you have worked with.

3) What is your experience with test automation?

Describe any experience you have with test automation, including any specific tools or frameworks you have worked with.

4) Explain the difference between unit testing and integration testing?

Unit testing is the process of testing individual units or components of a software application, while Integration testing is the process of testing how different components of the application work together

5) What is the major difference between manual testing and automated testing?

Manual testing is the process of testing software by manually executing test cases and comparing the results with the expected outcome. while Automated testing is the process of using software tools to automatically execute test cases and check the results. Automated testing is faster and more efficient than manual testing but requires more upfront planning and investment in tools and infrastructure.

6) What is the test-driven development?

Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development methodology in which tests are written for every feature before the feature is developed. This approach ensures that the software meets the requirements and that it is tested thoroughly before it is released.

7) How do you ensure that your tests are maintainable?

I ensure that my tests are maintainable by using modular design, commenting code, and keeping test data separate from test code. I also ensure that test cases are easily readable and understandable. I also keep the tests updated with the latest changes in the software. I also use version control systems like Git, SVN, and TFS to track the changes and maintain a proper version of the test cases.

8) How to handle test data management?

I handle test data management by using techniques such as data masking, data subsetting, and data virtualization. I also ensure that test data is kept separate from the test code and that it is easily accessible to the test team. I also ensure that test data is properly backed up and that it is securely stored.

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