Power Electronics MCQ

Power Electronics MCQ

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  • 17th Feb, 2023

Take Power Electronics MCQ Quiz & Online Test to test your knowledge

We have listed below the best Power electronics MCQ Questions that are very helpful for the preparation of the Power Electronics Interview/Exam. This Power Electronics MCQ Test contains 25 best multiple-choice questions and answers. You have to choose the right answer to every question. apart from this, You can also download here the Power Electronics MCQ PDF completely free.

Power Electronics MCQ Quiz

1) The typical value of SCR for modern alternator is -

  • A. 1.5
  • B.1.2
  • C.0.5
  • D.1.0

2) A single phase full bridge inverters can operated in load commutation mode in case load consists of -

  • A. RLC underdamped.
  • B.RLC critically damped.
  • C.RLC underdamped.
  • D.RLC overdamped.

3) Which statement is true for latching current ?

  • A. It is related to conduction process of device.
  • B.It is related to turn off process of the device.
  • C.It is related to turn on process of the device.
  • D.None of the above

4) Which semiconductor power device out of the following, is not a current triggering device?

  • B.G.T.O
  • C.Triac
  • D.Thyristor

5) A triac is a -

  • A. 3 terminal bidirectional switch
  • B.3 terminal bilateral switch
  • C.2 terminal switch
  • D.2 terminal bilateral switch
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6) The minimum duration of the pulse in a pulse triggering system for thyristors should be at -

  • A. 10 ms
  • B.10 μs
  • C.30 ms
  • D.15 ms

7) The triple frequency of a six-phase half wave rectifier for 220 V, 60 Hz input will be -

  • A. 2160 Hz
  • B.360 Hz
  • C.720 Hz
  • D.60 Hz

8) A diac has ______________ pn junctions.

  • A. One
  • B.Two
  • C.Three
  • D.Four

9) Between the peak point and the valley point of UJT emitter characteristics we have ___________ region.

  • A. Cut-Off
  • B.Saturation
  • C.Peak-Point Voltage
  • D.Negative Resistance

10) What is a TRIAC?

  • A. Two thyristors connected in series mode
  • B.Two thyristors connected in parallel mode
  • C.Two thyristors connected in anti parallel mode
  • D.Two transistors connected in anti parallel mode

11) Which one of the following statements is TRUE for an ideal power diode?

  • A. Reverse recovery time is non zero and reverse saturation current is zero
  • B.Forward voltage drop is zero and reverse saturation current is non zero
  • C.Forward voltage drop is non zero and reverse recovery time is zero
  • D.Forward voltage drop is zero and reverse recovery time is zero

12) For an SCR, dv/dt protection is achieved through

  • A. RC across SCR
  • B.RL in series with SCR
  • C.L across SCR
  • D.L in series with SCR

13) Which one of the following statements is true?

  • A. When avalanche break down takes place, SCRs enter into the conduction state
  • B.For SCRs to be in blocking state, forward anode current must be lower than the holding current
  • C.For SCRs to be in conduction state, forward anode current must be greater than the latching current
  • D.All of the above

14) During forward blocking state, a thyristor is associated with -

  • A. large current, low voltage
  • B.medium current, large voltage
  • C.low current, large voltage
  • D.low current, medium voltage

15) The SCS has :

  • A. Two gate terminals
  • B.Single gate terminal
  • C.Three gate terminals
  • D.Four gate terminals

16) The device which performs dc-ac conversion:

  • A. Rectifier
  • B.Inverter
  • C.Chopper
  • D.Switch

17) LASCR is a:

  • A. Thyristor
  • B.Rectifier
  • C.Both 1 & 2
  • D.None of these

18) Which of the following has not gate terminal?

  • A. Triac
  • B.Diac
  • C.Both 1 & 2
  • D.None of These

19) Which one is most suitable power device for high frequency (>100 KHz) switching application?

  • A. Power MOSFET
  • B.BJT
  • C.Schottky diode
  • D.None of These

20) AC power in a load can be controlled by using -

  • A. two SCR’s in series
  • B.two SCR’s in parallel opposition
  • C.three SCR’s in series
  • D.four SCR’s in series

21) A thyristor is basically

  • A. A set of SCRs
  • B.PNPN device
  • C.A set of SCR, diac and a triac
  • D.None of above

22) The inverter can be classified as

  • A. Current Source Inverter
  • B.Voltage Source Inverter
  • C.Both Current Source & Voltage Source Inverter
  • D.None of above

23) RC snubber circuit is used to limit the rate of

  • A. Conduction period
  • B.Rise of current in SCR
  • C.Rise of voltage across SCR
  • D.None of above

24) A freewheeling diode is connected across an inductive load is ...........

  • A. To reduce the PRV
  • B.To restore conduction angle on phase
  • C.To avoid negative reversal voltage drop
  • D.None of above

25) In AC voltage regulator, TRIACS cannot be used for a

  • A. R-L Load
  • B.Resistive load
  • C.Back emf load
  • D.Inductive load

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