Phone Interview Questions

Phone Interview Questions

Prepare for your next phone interview with this comprehensive list of the Most Common Phone Interview Questions. Get tips and tricks on how to answer each question, and find out what employers are looking for in a candidate. Make sure you ace your phone interview with the help of our resources.

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Below are the list of Best Phone Interview Questions and Answers

To answer this question you must take few seconds and then answer calmly. Then state about yourself by giving an appropriate introduction. Starting from your name than about your work and family and finally end it with the hobbies and likes. You must always answer this question with confidence without hesitation. As the answer will create your first impact.

You should answer this question efficiently. Try to figure out your strengths and state them when asked. You must be clear about your strength. Try to refrain from stating your weakness. You can state that you have some and you are working on it. And always ensure you are not stating lie about your strength and weakness.

You should and it confidently. You can say it's a good opportunity to evolve me here. The environment and opportunity provided by the company are better for my development as it will help me to enhance my abilities and will help in the overall development of my skill.

I am comfortable with any type of work environment as I can adapt to the given environment as for me work is more important but if the environment is neutral or work-friendly then it will help us to be more productive.

I have researched about your company and i am really impressed by your company's values and mission statement. I find that many of the things that are important to this company are also important to me. I have always admired the way that this company has had such a strong focus on delivering top-quality customer service.

You should answer according to your experience that where you find this job. It can be through email, linkedin, advertisements, other, etc.


Answer this question appropriately by explaining your role and responsibilities in your previous job. Tell them about your projects and how you have accomplished them. One thing you have to ensure that everything which you state is true.

You can answer the question i.e. the major challenges and problems which you face in your most recent job by considering the following:

  • Consider previous challenges you've faced. 
  • Tailor your answer to the job description. 
  • Be specific about why they were challenges. 
  • Be honest. 
  • Make sure your answers present you in a positive light. 
  • Use nonprofessional examples if necessary.


When asking this question interviewer wants to know more about you and your relevancy. So utilize this as an opportunity to highlight your skills and explain why this position is what you've been looking for.

While answering this question you should always make sure your answer is personal and relates to your own background, and give a concrete example such as the target or the feeling of achievement by accomplishing the given task to me, etc. Ensure that the answers are relevant to your actual personality.

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While answering this question you should be focused on how your long-term career goals match with how this company is growing and the opportunities this job provides. And then you can answer a few of the goals for example Boost Your Networking Abilities, Intern with a Large Company to Gain Experience, Start Your Own Business, etc.

You can answer this question according to your convenience and availability of time. Generally, the most common time frame for starting a new position is two weeks after you have accepted the job offer.

You must answer the question by conveying a message that this company is your first preference and you can simply say that you have given few interviews within the industry. You can also say that you are actively exploring your options but this is the position you are most excited about.

Whenever this question is asked, always say Yes. You should ask the doubts in your mind or anything relevant to the profile or service you are opting for. But always make sure you say Yes instead of No whenever the question is asked.