Exit interview Questions

Exit interview Questions

  • Arjun Prajapati
  • 30th Jan, 2023

Prepare here the best Exit Interview Questions for Employees. These Interview Questions are written by industry experts & very helpful for your next interview.          

Exit Interview Questions For Employees

1) Tell reasons why did you start looking for another Job?

You can show the following reasons to your current employer for looking at another job:

  • You decided to relocate to a new city
  • Your values no longer align with the company mission
  • You’d like additional compensation
  • The company you worked for went out of business
  • You feel undervalued in your current role
  • You are looking for a new challenge
  • You want a job with better career growth opportunities
  • You had to leave due to family or personal reasons
  • You don’t like the hours at your current job
  • You want to change career paths
  • You decided to go back to school
  • Your personality didn’t align with the company culture
  • You found a better opportunity
  • You had to leave for health reasons that have since been resolved
  • You were laid off or let go
  • You wanted to work in a different industry

2) Would you ever consider returning to this company again?

You can say that Yes, Why not that depends upon your future opportunities and situation.

3) How would you describe our company culture?

A company’s culture is defined as the rules, regulations as well as the character and personality of an organization that refers to how people interact, collaborate, and cooperate within the workplace.

You can say that the atmosphere of this company sounds unambiguous and positive which attracts talent, increases engagement, and helps ensure employees are happy, productive, and planning to socialize around would.

4) What was the best part of your Job?

You can say that you have got some new experiences such as autonomy, ability to make decisions in fast-paced nature as well as producing live educational and interactive experiences from the new challenge in your each day job.

5) What could have been done for you to remain employed here?

You can show the following reasons to remain employed in the company:

  • If they can provide new growth opportunities.
  • If they Pay employees that they're worth it.
  • If they Prioritize employees' health and well-being.
  • If they Praise employees regularly for great work.

6) Did you have clear goals and objectives?

You can say that Yes.

7) Do you feel your manager gave you what you needed to succeed?

You can say that Yes they gave you a career opportunity. You can say that Yes they gave you an opportunity to grow up in a career that is helpful for your experiences.

8) Would you recommend this company to a friend?

You can say that Yes, I would recommend this company to others.

9) What are the biggest risks for our company that you see?

You can say that No if you have gained some experience there and not any misguiding activity found there but in case of Fraud, employee misconduct, and workplace violence you can say Yes.

10) What would make this a better place to work?

Ability to Avoid politics and conflicts as well as to provide flexibility regarding work to the employees with Collaborative culture that attract Passionate and dedicated employees.

11) What advice would you like to give to your team?

If any team wants your advice then You can advise them to make the ability to grow their knowledge as well as Quickly avoid Conflict.

12) What was your relationship with your Manager?

You can say that She/He appraised and helped you to grow your career experiences as a senior and Boss.

13) Is there any problem/ issue, in particular, you would like to mention?

If you have any problem faced on the job then you can mention it to improve the organization's policies as per your ideas.

14) Do you think the appraisal system worked for you?

You can say that Yes it has worked for you as some new opportunities.

15) Do you think our company's policies are adequate?

You can say, Yes or No according to the company’s policies that suited you.

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