Freshers Interview Questions

Freshers Interview Questions

First foray into the conference room?

Oh, I understand you might be bundle of nerves at present with sweaty palms and a new question popping up every second in your mind.


The more you think about the Interview room the more you fill yourself with nervousness. It's not the time to think about the number of interviewers you will face the next day, it is the time to prepare yourself and be in a position to answer every question you are asked.

Confidence, Preparation, and a little bit of honesty are likely to be the factors to crack the interview. The interviewer is a stranger and someone who will first seek the elemental skills required for the job in you and later analyzes you in the terms of intellectuality and honesty. So, present yourself to the interviewer in a way that leaves a good impression on him, though you are heartbeat gets faster every second you are in front of the interviewer, don't show it to the interviewer answer confidently.

Read Best Freshers Interview Questions and Answers

We have listed below the Best Freshers Interview Questions, which is very helpful for the preparation of freshers' interviews. These interview questions are very popular and have been asked many times in interviews. By preparing these questions, you can perform well in the interview and get the selection. besides this, you can also download below the Freshers Interview Questions PDF.

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Below are the list of Best Freshers Interview Questions and Answers

It is basically a personal question, but always answer it carefully as try to avoid telling anything as your hobby. Instead, tell only the relevant hobbies. It can be anything for example Volunteering, community service or charity work, traveling, sports, art, etc.

The best answer can be " I possess all the skills and experience that you're looking for and is required for this job. I'm pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It's not just my background in the past projects, but also my skills, which will be applicable in this position."

A long-term goal is something you want to do in the future and are important for a successful career. A long-term goal is something you want to accomplish and is the ultimate thing for which you doing all the works. You should answer it carefully and practical ones only. For example, becoming an entrepreneur, pursuing a higher degree from the best college, etc.

Yes, I can handle work stress or pressure as I never let down my potential, and instead of being panic, with a positive attitude, I easily handle it.

In this question, you must answer according to your aspiration and must always show a positive attitude to achieve that. But make sure it must be a practical thing for example in next 5 years, I want to see myself in the position of general manager.

Yes, I think I fit for this job. As I have all the knowledge and ability that is required for this job.

My salary expectation is the same as given normally for this job. And my salary expectations are in line with my experience and qualifications. So my salary must be according to that.

Yes, I am an organized person. I like to do the work in a routine and I like to know exactly what I'm going to do for the day. It helps me keeping update and on time.

Yes, you can definitely trust me with responsibilities. As I am a responsible person and always try to take responsibility on my own. I understand that confidentiality, availability, and integrity are two major aspects of any company and I always maintain them.

Yes, I am willing to relocate as it is essential for the company and team and as a responsible employee I will be giving my best at the newly allocated location.

Yes, I am flexible with timing and can easily adjust myself with the required time. You can also tell your previous experience in it.

If you are a fresher from college when it would be obviously yes, else state yes if you are pursuing or simply say no and tell if you are planning for any.

My expectations for the first job would be to provide a work environment in which I can contribute to the team and learn a lot of things including the operation and command of technologies.

If you have any then state else say No, I don't have a referral in this company.

You can hear it from various channels such as advertisements, Linkedin, etc. State the answer accordingly.

State as per your availability. If you are eager to join the say Yes.

You must ask a question. So always say Yes. You can ask about your joining details and something relevant to your profile and company.

I know this is something for which you want to react like “oh, not again!”.

But you can’t escape this one, you are asked these questions since you join the school and this is the same basic question you will encounter first while in the conference room.

Well, the time changes with years, and so your answer to this question must be.

Try to present yourself in an impressive way, start with the educational background, make the transition to the personal life and end with the positive statement, as this is the classic trap of the interviewers to test how you perceive yourself.

The answer to this must be honest, as your unconfident answers or bragging will land your future career to the grave.
You can describe your strengths in a way that can sound beneficial to the employer and their company.

For example: “can work under pressure”, “a fast learner”, and any skill regarding the job.

When coming to the weaknesses, this just a trap to know how much you expose yourself.

Well, it’s better not to show your cards and answer something irrelevant like a habit your mom wants you to leave, for example having a sweet tooth or shopaholic etc.,

You’ll know everything about the place, its temperature, the places to visit, etc..

This case is similar to it, before attending the interview make sure you know everything about the company you applied for a job in. Not everything but at least its core theory and current affairs must be known.

Later frame the statements about the company you deliver in a way that favors the growth of your career.

Now it’s time to tell, what you got to offer to the organization. You are again supposed to play to your strengths and be confident with the skills you possess.
Let your voice reflect your passion and desire because of your passion and desire count here.
No, no one is interested in your personal life. You are here asked about your career goals.
But how can you answer the question when you are still unsure of your present.
Well, there are a lot of ways to answer this question and none of them suggests you be straightforward, you are supposed to answer in a way that favors the company and you. Though you might have the plans to move from the hired post but not disclosing it would be intellectual.
Tell them you want to learn and grow and train yourself with skills that may help you become better at your job and benefit the company.
It’s natural to have blemishes of your past and sometimes you just have to put them on your resume too, and it is also quite natural that interviewer being curious about what happened there. And most of the times those blemishes are the grades you got.
No worries, if you have mark sheet with a combination of low grades, you can tell that you weren’t prepared or you didn’t like the course.
But make sure you don’t blame the university or anyone for it.
Though you may dislike the group projects, a positive response will land you on the safe side.
As most of the jobs are not meant to be handled alone, so the interviewers seek the one with patience and cooperative.
Don’t just stop there with a positive response, tell them the importance of being a team player in the office and also how you were a part of the team events.
Though you worked with a great team, there might be a slight possibility of ending up with the disagreement of opinions or something else.
Give them an instance of the real experience of your life and explain how managed the disagreement with your parents or teacher and later how responded to the situation and cleared up the mess.
Oh, something you might be waiting to discuss from the beginning. Right?
But most of the freshers won’t probably encounter this one. But just on the off chance they do, know what they are likely to offer before walk in and tell the number close to it or a little more it.
The uttering of these words signs you the end of the interview and probably the last chance to leave the good impression on the interviewer.
So, making a good use of it and asking something wise would do. You can ask about their expansion plans, or what expectations to do they have before you join etc.