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One of the most advanced and computerized formats of a typical typewriter came into existence as a Word processing software. With passing years people have become more adaptable to this software.  Apart from simple and easy learning features, it has also minimized the time for completing the work. Nevertheless, like most of the other interview questions, even the interview questions on Microsoft word require a mild review about its common functions and key roles.

Below we have mentioned 20 questions, which are important in order to crack such interviews.

Candidates are required to know both the basic as well as the advanced features of Microsoft Word. For example features like spells check, saving and storing documents, how to add image/ video in the word file, adding it from the online source etc. need clarity. The basic knowledge about this has three broad divisions that are to create, to format and to edit the documents. The interviewer expects the candidate to know each and every terminology along with its function:

20+ Best interview questions on Microsoft word.

Below are few Microsoft word Interview Questions with answers

Below are the list of Best Microsoft Word Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1. What are the steps to create a macro in MS Word?

Here are the steps to create a macro in MS Word:
  • On the view tab select macros record macros and give the macro a name in the record macro dialog box.
  • Click on the keyboard button to assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro.
  • Type a keyboard shortcut combination ctrl+R and then click the assign button.
  • Click the close button.
  • To stop recording choose macros to stop recording.

Question 2. How is cross-referencing created in MS Word?

  To create word referencing in MS Word, the following steps are followed;
  • After opening word documents, bring the cursor where cross-referencing is to be inserted.
  • Click on “Reference tab”.
  • From the caption group, click on “Cross reference”.
  • A window will be visible asking for “Reference type- Heading, figure, and foot Note etc.
  • Select any desired option and click insert.
  • Bring the cursor where there is a reference link, press cntrl+click, users will be direct to the reference object.
Microsoft Word Interview Questions

Question 3. How is editing restricted in MS Word?

In order to restrict the editing, following points needs to be considered.
  • Select the review tab, click on restrict editing.
  • Automatically a pop up will appear on the right of the screen.
  • Go to editing restriction, select the drop down from where restriction has to be made e.g. Comment, track changes, filling in the form, or read-only.
  • A dialog box will appear, where users will be asked to set a password for the document to retain the access limit within control.

Question 4. How is the indent amount customized?

For customizing, select the text, which has to be intent. Under the head of the page layout in paragraph section, indent left or right can be selected.

Question 5. How is watermark created in MS word?

To create a watermark, Go on page layout tab in page background click on the watermark and select custom watermark. Select a picture watermark option and can be customized accordingly.

Question 6. What is the shortcut key option to insert a page break?

For the shortcut option to insert a page break, follow the step

<Ctrl> + <Enter>

Question 7. How can the user accept or reject track changes in MS Word?

 To accept or reject track changes in MS Word, the following steps need to be taken into consideration.
  • Select track changes made in the documents.
  • From the review tab, click ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ command, the markup will disappear and word will automatically go to the next change.

Question 8. How can users spot the difference between two similar documents?

 To spot the difference between two similar documents click on compare buttons and select compare from the review tab in compare group in the ribbon.

Question 9. How can users add to label the values of individual chart elements?

   Click on add “data labels” in order to label the values of individual chart elements.

Question 10. How can users insert an online picture in word documents in MS Word?

  To insert a picture from an online source like from Facebook or Google following steps need to be considered:
  • Bring the cursor where the image has to be inserted.
  • Under the Insert tab, click on the online picture option
  • A dialog box with insert option will be appearing.
  • Type the image name or insert the keyword.
  • Click on the image, which has to be inserted.
  • Right, Click and select insert from the drop-down menu.

Question 11. What is the importance of XML mapping panel in MS Word?

  When users have added DEVELOPER TAB in the main menu then under this head itself an option “XML Mapping panel” can be seen. This option enables to map XML content into word documents.

Question 12. How is screenshot in MS Word taken?

In the illustration option, go to the INSERT option. Click on the icon with camera click on screen clipping option. Select/ choose the area for which screenshot need to be taken. Copy and paste the picture.

Question 13. How can a break be deleted in the column?

If a column is not required then it can easily be removed or deleted from the documents. To delete such column below stated steps needs to be considered.
  • Click on show /hide button on the home tab in a paragraph to display non-printing characters.
  • Right-click on section break
  • Press the delete button from keyboard. Hence column break will be removed.

Question 14. How can hyperlink be created using a shortcut key?

 In order to create a hyperlink, click Cntrl+K shortcut from the keyboard. 

Question 15. How to add footnote and endnote in a word?

  In order to add footnote or endnote in word brings the cursor at the end of the page and then click on the reference option and click on insert footnotes. Similarly, endnote can be added by clicking on insert endnote.

Question 16. How are PDF documents edited in a word?

 To edit the PDF documents following steps need to be considered,
  • Click on the menu file.
  • Click on open icon.
  • Select the PDF file from the local disk.
  • Select the file and open it.
  • A dialog box will appear on the screen that displays information click on ok.
  • If the word is displayed on a protected view bar then click on enable editing.
  • Now the PDF file can be edited with the word, once required changes are done file needs to be saved in word format.

Question 17. Is it possible to insert video into a word document? If yes how can the users insert video into a word file?

In order to insert video follow below-stated steps: 
  • Go to insert an online video media option.
  • Add the keyword or name of the video to be inserted.
  • Press enter click on the video, which is to be added.
  • Or else download the video and click on the insert option.
  • The video will appear in the word as an image and when the download is complete, click on the play button, the video will be enabled.

Question 18. How can users collapse or expand parts of a document?

 In order to see only a part of the document required, this function can be used. For this, a heading has to be given like heading 1 or heading 2 from the main menu. After doing this, a small icon will appear on the corner of the heading. Once the icon is clicked it will merge the content and re-clicking on the same will expand the content back to the normal format.

Question 19. What is the procedure for creating a hanging indent?

 In order to create hanging indent open the Paragraph dialog box, select “special” list select hanging specify an amount in “by” box.

Question 20. Is there any shortcut to move the insertion point to the beginning of the documents?

To move the insertion point to the beginning of the document the shortcut key used to <Ctrl> +<Home>
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We have tried to cover up the majority of interview questions on Microsoft Word, which can be asked in the interview. The above questions cover basic as well as the advanced features of MS word. For good response, candidates can use illustrations and examples in their answers. It is always appreciable that for explaining the procedure, answers should be given in a step-by-step approach. This creates a good impression of the knowledge and clarity of the subject matter. Therefore one should always be concise while answering as to the point and smart answers are what makes all the difference.

Wish you a good luck!