Electrolysis and Storage of Batteries MCQ Test

  1. Cells Are Connected In Parallel To
  2. Which Of The Following Primary Cells Has The Highest Voltage ?
  3. The Current Flow Through Electrolyte Is Due To The Movement Of
  4. Each Cell Has A Vent Cap
  5. Electrolyte Used In An Edison Cell Is
  6. On Overcharging A Battery
  7. Internal Resistance Of A Cell Is Due To
  8. Which Of The Following Battery Is Used For Aircraft ?
  9. Trickle Charging Of A Storage Battery Helps To
  10. Which Of The Following Cell Has A Reversible Chemical Reaction ?
  11. Batteries Are Charged By
  12. Battery Charging Equipment Is Generally Installed
  13. The Following Indicate That Battery On Charge Has Attained Full Charge
  14. Self charge of a Ni-Fe cell is _____ Edison cell.
Electrolysis and Storage of Batteries MCQ

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  • Increase the efficiency
  • Increase the current capacity
  • Increase the voltage output
  • Increase the internal resistance
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  • Manganese-alkaline
  • Carbon-zinc
  • Lithium
  • Mercury
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  • to allow gases out when the cell is on charge
  • to add water to the cell if needed
  • to check the level of electrolyte
  • to do all above functions
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  • It will bring about chemical change in active materials
  • It will increase the capacity of the battery
  • It will raise the specific gravity of the electrolyte
  • None of the above will occur
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  • resistance of electrolyte
  • electrode resistance
  • surface contact resistance between electrode and electrolyte
  • all above
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  • Lead-acid battery
  • Nickel-iron battery
  • Dry cell battery
  • Silver oxide battery
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  • maintain proper electrolyte level
  • increase its reserve capacity
  • prevent sulphation
  • keep it fresh and fully charged
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  • Lead-acid
  • Mercury oxide
  • Carbon-zinc
  • Silver-oxide
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  • rectifiers
  • engine generator sets
  • motor generator sets
  • any one of the above methods
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  • In well ventilated location
  • In clean and dry place
  • As near as practical to the battery being charged
  • In location having all above features
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  • colour of electrode
  • gassing
  • specific gravity
  • all above
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  • Equal to
  • Less than
  • More than
  • Much more than
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  • Watts
  • Amperes
  • Watt-hours
  • Ampere-hours
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  • equal to that of large dry cell
  • less than that of large dry cell
  • more than that of large dry cell
  • None of them
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  • dry cells
  • solar cells
  • lead-acid batteries
  • nickel-cadmium cells
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  • KOH
  • NaOH
  • dilute sulphuric acid
  • concentrated sulphuric acid
  • Deniell cell
  • Edison cell
  • Lead-acid cell
  • Leclanche cell
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