Electrical Inductors MCQ Test

  1. Inductance is the property of an inductor that produces an opposition to any change in current.
  2. The inductance of an iron-core coil decreases if ___.
  3. A 5 mH, a 4.3 mH, and a 0.6 mH inductor are connected in parallel. The total inductance is ___.
  4. Electricity may be generated by a wire:
  5. The electrical energy consumed by a coil is stored in the form of a magnetic field.
  6. When the current through an inductor is cut in half, the amount of energy stored in the electromagnetic field ___.
  7. The term ‘self-inductance’ is used when a conductor has a voltage induced in it by:
  8. What is magnetic flux?
  9. Which type of device consists of a coil with a moveable iron core?
  10. Opposition to current flow without the dissipation of energy is called ___.
  11. What is the name of the part inside a relay that is moved by the action of the electromagnet?
  12. A crack in the magnetic path of an inductor will result in ___.
  13. The coefficient of coupling between two air core coils depends on _____.
  14. What is the voltage across a coil when di/dt = 20 mA/µs and L = 8 µH?
Electrical Inductors MCQ

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  • True
  • False
  • The number of turns is decreased
  • The iron core is removed
  • The length of the coil decreases
  • None of the above
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  • 9.9 mH
  • Greater than 5 mH
  • 9.9 mH or greater than 5 mH
  • Less than 0.6 mH
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  • carrying current
  • passing through a flux field
  • that has neutral domains
  • wrapped as a coil
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  • its own magnetic field
  • nearby electromotive force
  • its own electromotive force
  • a nearby magnetic field
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  • The number of lines of force in webers
  • The number of lines of force in maxwells
  • The number of lines of force in teslas
  • The number of lines of force in flux density
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  • resistance
  • inductive reactance
  • counter emf
  • impedance
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  • unchanged inductance
  • increased inductance
  • zero inductance
  • reduced inductance
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  • Self inductance of two coils only
  • Mutual inductance between two coils only
  • Mutual inductance and a self inductance of two coils
  • None of the above
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  • Zero resistance and inductance
  • Infinite resistance and zero inductance
  • Infinite resistance and normal inductance
  • Zero resistance and high inductance
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  • Laplace's law
  • Kirchhoff's voltage law
  • Fleming's right hand rule
  • Lenz's law
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  • Permeability of the core material
  • Number of turns of the coils
  • Cross sectional area of their common core
  • All of the above
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