Electrical Control Systems MCQ

Electrical Control Systems MCQ

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  • 31st Aug, 2022

Electrical Control Systems MCQ Questions

Take Electrical Control Systems MCQ Test to Test Your Knowledge

Practice here the best Electrical Control Systems MCQ Question that checks your basic knowledge of Electrical Control Systems. This Electrical Control Systems MCQ Test contains 20 Multiple Choice Questions. Choose the right answer for every questions to check your final preparation for your exams. apart from this, you can also download Electrical Control Systems MCQ PDF, completly free.

Electrical Control Systems MCQ Test

1) What do you mean by Process control system?

  • A. An automatic control system in which output is a variable
  • B.Automatic control system in which input is a variable
  • C.Automatic control system in which output is a constant
  • D.None of the above

2) Electrical resistance is analogous to Dampers.

  • A. True
  • B.False

3) Transient response in the system is basically due to ___.

  • A. Forces
  • B.Friction
  • C.Stored energy
  • D.Coupling

4) The transient response with the feedback system __.

  • A. Decays quickly
  • B.Rises slowly
  • C.Rises quickly
  • D.Decays slowly

5) As a result of introduction of negative feedback which of the following will not decrease?

  • A. Band width
  • B.Overall gain
  • C.Distortion
  • D.Instability

6) The term backlash is associated with ___.

  • A. servomotors
  • B.induction relays
  • C.gear trains
  • D.None of the above

7) By using which of the following elements, mechanical translational systems are obtained?

  • A. mass element
  • B.spring element
  • C.dash-pot
  • D.All of the above

8) What is the use of lead compensator?

  • A. Transient response and Steady-state response
  • B.Transient request Steady-state request
  • C.Both A and B
  • D.All of the above

9) Which mechanism in control engineering implies an ability to measure the state by taking measurements at output?

  • A. Controllability
  • B.Observability
  • C.Differentiability
  • D.Adaptability

10) A control system with excessive noise, is likely to suffer from __.

  • A. saturation in amplifying stages
  • B.loss of gain
  • C.vibrations
  • D.oscillations

11) Which among the following are solely responsible in determining the speed of response of control system?

  • A. Poles
  • B.Zeros
  • C.Speed of input
  • D.None of the above

12) In a signal flow graph, nodes are represented by small _.

  • A. Circles
  • B.Squares
  • C.Arrows
  • D.Pointers

13) In a stable control system backlash can cause ___.

  • A. underdamping
  • B.overdamping
  • C.poor stability at reduced values of open loop game
  • D.low-level oscillations

14) Bimetallic thermostat is On-off controller.

  • A. True
  • B.False

15) Which of the following is an essential feature of servo-mechanism?

  • A. A closed loop system
  • B.A power amplifying stage
  • C.Ability to control position, velocity or acceleration of the system
  • D.All of the above

16) According to signal flow graph, which among the following represents the relationship between nodes by drawing a line between them?

  • A. Branch
  • B.Self-loop
  • C.Semi-node
  • D.Mesh

17) Which type of node comprises incoming as well as outgoing branches?

  • A. Source node
  • B.Sink node
  • C.Chain node
  • D.Main node

18) Which unit is adopted for magnitude measurement in Bode plots?

  • A. Degree
  • B.Decimal
  • C.Decibel
  • D.Deviation

19) According to the property of impulse test signal, what is the value of an impulse at t = 0?

  • A. Zero
  • B.Unity
  • C.Infinite
  • D.Unpredictable

20) Where are the dummy nodes added in the branch with unity gain?

  • A. At input & output nodes
  • B.Between chain nodes
  • C.Both A and B
  • D.None of the above

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