Control System MCQ

Control System MCQ

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  • 25th Aug, 2022

Take Control Systems MCQ Test & Online Quiz to test your Knowledge

Practice here the best Control Systems MCQ Questions test that checks your basic knowledge of Control Systems. This Control Systems MCQ Test contains 20+ Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answers to every question to check your final preparation. Apart from this, you can also download here Control Systems MCQ PDF, completely free.

Control Systems MCQ Test

1) The ratio of output to input is............at resonance peak.

  • A. Highest
  • B.Zero
  • C.Lowest
  • D.None of the Above

2) What happens If gain of the system is increased?

  • A. Roots move away from the poles
  • B.Roots move away from the zeros
  • C.Roots move towards the origin of the S-plot
  • D.None of the above

3) The system will be ........... for unity damping factor?

  • A. Over damped
  • B.Under damped
  • C.Critically damped
  • D.None of the above

4) Source power is modulated with ............... in a closed loop system.

  • A. Reference signal
  • B.Error signal
  • C.Actuating signal
  • D.Feed back signal

5) Which of the following is the liner differential transformer?

  • A. Electrical device
  • B.Electrostatic device
  • C.Electromagnetic device
  • D.Electromechanical device
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6) Which of the following option is an example of an open loop system?

  • A. Household Refrigerator
  • B.Respiratory system of an animal
  • C.Execution of program by computer
  • D.None of the above

7) The output of the feedback control system must be a function of ..............

  • A. Reference input
  • B.Reference output
  • C.Input and feedback signal
  • D.Output and feedback signal

8) Which of the following option is correct about Signal flow graphs?

  • A. They apply to linear systems
  • B.Arrows are not important in the graph
  • C.They cannot be converted back to block diagram
  • D.None of the above

9) Does feedback can always reduce the effects of noise and disturbance on system performance?

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

10) Which of the following is the major components of a controller?

  • A. Feedback element
  • B.Control element
  • C.Error detector and control element
  • D.Error detector and feedback element

11) Low power DC and AC motors are also known as -

  • A. A.C. generators
  • B.D.C. generators
  • C.Servomotors
  • D.Tachogenerators

12) Series circuits work on both hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Ture or False?

  • A. True
  • B.False

13) SPICE stands for?

  • A. Stimulated program with integrated circuit arrangement.
  • B.Sequential program with integrated circuit analysis.
  • C.Simulated program with integrated circuit analysis.
  • D.None of the above

14) Which of the following option is also known as anticipatory controller?

  • A. Derivative controller
  • B.Proportional controller
  • C.Integral controller
  • D.None of the above

15) Transfer function of a control system is depend on

  • A. Nature of output.
  • B.Nature of input.
  • C.System parameters alone.
  • D.Initial conditions of input and output.

16) When the system gain is doubled the gain margin becomes -

  • A. 2 times
  • B.1/2 times
  • C.remain same
  • D.4 times

17) Which of the following option represents the lead compensator?

  • A. (s+2)/(s+5)
  • B.(s+5)/(s+6)
  • C.(s+2)/(s+1)
  • D.Both 1 & 2

18) At summing point, more than one signal can be added or -

  • A. Multiplied
  • B.Subtracted
  • C.divided
  • D.None of the above

19) .......... digital inputs are present in PLCs?

  • A. 32
  • B.16
  • C.8
  • D.4

20) Which of the following plays a crucial role in determining the state of dynamic system?

  • A. State vector
  • B.State variables
  • C.State space
  • D.State scalar

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