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10 Telephonic Interview Tips for Fresh School Graduates or Freshers

Fresh School Graduates or Freshers Telephonic interviews have emerged as a popular method to screen the right job applicant for the in-person job interview. The following post shares some useful telephonic interview tips for fresh business graduates.

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How to interpret a candidate through interview Questions

The interview questions are extremely proficient in order to read a candidate's mind. You also get to know his or her subject expertise and intelligence through these questions. In spite of the brilliance and the skills in the required field, the priceless qualities like trust, adaptability, honesty, and obedience also matter.


A set of Interview questions for HR Position

In the ideal hierarchy of an organizational structure, HR plays a very important role. No one can simply rely upon a technical, Administration and other segments only. HR stands for Human Resource management and it basically deals with the improvisation and coordination among the employees. The major task in front of the HR department is to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the company in a sequential manner. The various posts that come under the HR are Admin Manager, Deputy HR Manager or Regional HR Manager. Hence gaining a job with solemn management is admirable. Here we are leading a complete set for the perfect interview questions for HR position.

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A complete guide for interview – Questions and answers in English

The way one represents himself/herself at the place of an interview is undoubtedly important. It plays a vital role in the overall performance of the candidate for the sectors he/she has applied. Your respective subject knowledge, skills, proficiencies & presence of mind is checked mostly by the recruiter. So following the norms and interview questions & answers in English you can turn many things into your favor.If you are about to face an interview, remember to take steps slowly and effectively. Here is a general set of Interview questions & answers in English in order to bring you a clear idea.

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Points to follow while going for an interview

A job interview is just an in-depth communication between the two people or in other words sharing information. The person who asks the question and he or she will notice each action and every action during the interview is the interviewer.

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Keys to a successful interview: Tips and Tricks

An interview is considered as the proper, in-depth communication between two people where information is been exchanged. One of the important points to be followed is that you should speak in the interview questions and answers in English.

ReactJS Tutorials

Smooth Scrolling in React Js - Step By Step Guide

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to implement Smooth Scrolling in React Js. Smooth scrolling is used to scroll to a div or section of page smoothly mot instantly. Here we are going to use react-scroll package on NPM to implement it.

Laravel Tutorials

Laravel Pagination with array or object

You have used Laravel Pagination with Eloquent results. Sometimes we have to do paginations in Laravel on arrays or custom objects. In this tutorial, we will see how to do Laravel manual pagination. Here we are going to use LengthAwarePaginator class of Laravel to create custom pagination in Laravel.


IOT and its applications

IoT is the abbreviation of Internet of Things which is the connection of physical gadgets such as phone, sensors, laptops, computers etc which are not just wired boxes but also the one that has software programmed in it which makes these things to transfer and share data without human's external command and this creates a space for the integration of the human into the computer-based systems.

Node Js Tutorials

NODE JS Your Way To Success: Career, Features, Scopes and Roles

Node.js is an open source JavaScript platform that used to develop fast, scalable and lightweight server-side applications very easily. It follows the single thread with an even driven loop which helps to interact or handle many requests as possible.

JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript get current date time

In this tutorial, we are going to see How to get the current Date time in JavaScript. We are going to use Javascript library function Date(). We will take an example to see how to format javascript date to MySQL format Y-m-d and H:i:s format.

What are the advantages of the mobile application in the construction industry?
What are the advantages of the mobile application in the construction industry?

The construction industry is transforming but one thing remains same that is construction projects require a proper coordination between people and enough resources on the field.Construction managers have to keep track of lots of things like daily progress, schedules, equipment, and so on. It is difficult to handle that important information on the paper or spreadsheets. Mobile app technology is changing the face of the construction industry by tracking daily activities, important information, and increasing the coordination between teams.

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Dumb Questions Asked By Hiring Managers Have to Answer all?

Google's Laszlo Bock describes these questions to be a complete waste of time. Although, they were considered unique interview questions to ask, today they are useless. HR leaders or Talent advisors are anxious about how senior managers consider questions to hire the best candidates.

Angularjs Tutorials
AngularJS: A better Option to grow your career
AngularJS:  A better Option to grow your career

As you may wondering to make your future dependable on AngularJS, here we tell you what an AngularJS developer can do. As a superheroic JavaScript framework, AngularJS is the most widespread front-end application among the web developers. It has set its realm by walking up the aisle and secure its place by clean bowled the previous JavaScript frameworks like EmberJS, ReactJS and many more.

HR, Jobs and Career Tips
Don't Underrate Following up: The most important interview aspect
Don't Underrate Following up: The most important interview aspect

We all are well aware of the fact that it's really hard to crack an interview and to reach a stage where you think the job is yours. After all the tough interview questions and answers, another tough challenge which is in front of you is the waiting time. The time limit where you have to certainly wait for your turn is unlimited, it can be the very next moment you have finished the interview or can take more than a week. Probably this is annoying for few of the candidates which in turn force them to do a not so polite thing. If you are also struck in something like this, then need not to worry.

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