6 Ways to approve your DoFollow comments


Posted On: Jan 27, 2023

6 Ways to approve your DoFollow comments


How to approve your DoFollow comments.

It is a well-known method that is used every day by many blogs. The speech here is from DoFollow's backlinks via blog comments. However, many blog networks such as Blogspot, WordPress, Typepad, etc., only leave nofollow comments because many have to stick to the Google webmaster rules of nofollow. However, there are some bloggers who are making the effort to use special plugins or applications to remove the evil rel = "nofollow" tag from their default blog platform. Many want to increase their blog traffic.

This type of DoFollow blog is slowly moving to spam blogs where more and more LinkBuilder starts these spam blogs. There are some automated software blogs that comment on people like this in thousands of blogs. This means spamming and falls more and more dofollow blog moderators to the load. Even if you post a good and sincere comment on a blog, this comment could be viewed as spamming plugins on blogs. However, it is worth the effort to post a comment on dofollow to get backlinks.

Some dofollow blogs tend to give up dofollow plugins within a short period of time. I used to use dofollow plugins for almost 2 years and gave it up because of the strong spam comments. Therefore for the people who use such dofollow plugins, check your spam comments for real comments.

There are only a fraction of DoFollow Blogs that have a good reputation online, and I believe that these will die out in the next 10 years. If we get more links from blogs via dofollow spamming of comments or automated software controls, then for all DoFollow blogs a quick end in sight.

If you want, your comments on DoFollow Blogs or other high-authority blogs will be approved. Then you should proceed as follows:

  1. Use names instead of keywords.
  2. Listen to comments that include under 10 words, instead, writes comments that have more than 30 words per comment.
  3. Do not write more than 2 comments per blog, per day. Remember, your IP is being recorded and if you try to use more comments under a different name or keyword, they are likely to end up in the spam box.
  4. Ask relevant questions to the author of the blog post.
  5. Do not use more than one link in your comment.
  6. Do not use automated comment filing software.

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