Kotlin Vs Flutter. What is difference?


Posted On: Jan 27, 2023

Kotlin Vs Flutter. What is difference?


Developers explain Flutter as a "Cross-platform mobile framework from Google". Flutter is a mobile application SDK to help developers and designers make modern mobile apps for iOS and Android. On the other hand, Kotlin is described as a "Statically typed Programming Language targeting JVM and JavaScript". Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android, and the internet, 100% interoperable with Java.

What is Kotlin

Kotlin has managed to gather a large user base and has gained popularity in a very short span of time. What started as a simple solution, taking Kotlin in 2017 forward, the Android industry today is ready for the mass adoption of the Kotlin language. In a very short span of time, a statically typed programming language from JetBrains known as Kotlin caught the attention of the Android community. This new programming language has allowed developers to convey the same intention using fewer characters and keywords than Java, without losing clarity and understanding.

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Below are the benefits of using Kotlin Programming Language:

  • Kotlin is a mature language as it tested over many years and now the final version is out.
  • Compatible with Android Studio IDE.
  • Quite safer than the Java programming language.
  • It is more reliable and stable.
  • Rapidly growing community and supporting developers.
  • Kotlin is multiplatform and profitable.
  • Easy to learn and fun to utilize.

The most thrilling features of Kotlin are: It is expressive; concise; and way too powerful. It is capable to exchange and build use of data with the Java programming language. Also, with an existing Android runtime environment.

For instance, share the success stories built from fortune 500 companies to startups, with Kotlin - Netflix, Udacity - the online learning app, Evernote, Pinterest, and Slack. As the world is updated, now it's your turn to improve with the newest trend of Android App development technology.

Some of the prime features of Kotlin that are important for developers

  • Kotlin is efficient and presents a familiar development tooling that is meant to boost developers' productivity
  • A good compiler
  • Provides seamless integration with the obtainable infrastructure
  • It provides an enhanced run-time performance

Kotlin is a statistically typed open-source programming language, just like Android under Apache 2.0. It is completely supported in Android Studio 3.0 and the higher version of this. This thing has widened the task of developing a new application with Kotlin files in a simple way. You can write Android apps for Kotlin. Add Kotlin files to your present project and convert Java to Kotlin. Then you have the right to utilize all of the android studio's existing tools with your incomplete Kotlin code, for example, debugging, link checking, and so on.

Strongest Reasons to Choose Kotlin

Now, the big question is why you should choose Kotlin over Java because Java is the favorite of many developers when it comes to Android app development. Therefore, I am also sharing some of the strongest advantages of Kotlin in comparison to Java. By the end of this article, you will have a solid grasp of exactly what Kotlin has to offer and will know whether it's right for you or not.

What is Flutter

Flutter is a mobile app SDK that allows you to write an app in one database and compile to both Android and iOS OR take it as Google's portable UI toolkit for structuring natively compiled applications for mobile application, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

Below are the benefits of Flutter:

  • It is a free cost and open source
  • Flutter's vibrant UI elements adhere to specific guidelines
  • It is based on Dart which is an object-oriented programming language
  • It offers extremely customizable and quick widgets to flutter developers

Flutter is in a trend in the mobile development world. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that within a year it has gained a lot of popularity and has already been adopted by some of the most famous companies such as Google Ads, Alibaba, Birch Finance, Hamilton Musical, App Tree, and many more.

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Some of the prime features of Flutter that is important for developers

  • Speed up the Code Writing: Flutter is very fast, enabling developers to write codes in no time and seamlessly make changes if required. To simply put it across, with Flutter, your designers and testers can work together along with a developer on the UI of the app, enabling them to deliver a groundbreaking mobile app.
  • Single Code for Two Platforms: As we all know that the aim of cross-platform development is two covers two powerful platforms with a single code. Other than that, Flutter application development also assists you, to begin with, development on the Fuchsia platform, which is an experimenting operational system in development at Google.
  • Best for Showcasing MVP: MVP (minimum viable product) is the idea of your mobile app or web application that convinces your investors to invest in your business. With flutter app development, you can easily create MVP on both platforms that too in a short turnaround time.
  • Less Pain of Testing: As we all know that flutter app development enables developers to create a single code database, which means you don't have to write separate codes for Android or iOS.
  • Design Highly Customizable App for Users: Flutter gives the flexibility to the developers to create their own widgets or customize the existing widget. This gives a peculiar and unique attribute to your app design that your users will love.

Strongest Reasons to Choose Flutter

If you observe the flutter app development platform from the perspective of a developer, it still lacks some aspects. That's the reason many developers prefer to utilize other platforms. However, if you observe from the perspective of a business owner, this platform can be of great help. It is less time-consuming, cost-effective, and provides reliable apps for both platforms.


Flutter is absolutely a good option to create applications for Android and iOS. But right now it is too early to differentiate between flutter with Kotlin. Kotlin is far more mature than Dart and Flutter.

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