Ubuntu Interview Questions

Ubuntu Interview Questions

Ubuntu is an operating system that has been developed by Debian Linux distribution. It is one of the most inexpensive and open access software that has been used by many organizations for individuals working on various desktops. Personnel well – versed with Ubuntu are offered job roles such as DBA, System Administrator, Support Leads, etc. Therefore, recruiters from big companies are looking for candidates with good knowledge and excellent hands-on–training experience to fit perfectly into their work culture. Therefore, they are in a hunt for individuals who have the right technical knowledge along with adequate work experience.

In order to find the right candidate companies ask a diverse range of Ubuntu interview questions to not only newcomers but also experienced candidates wishing to display their talent and knowledge in the field of mobile application development. Here are some of the important Ubuntu interview questions that will not only give you a basic idea of the field but also help to clear the interview and secure a position in your dream office. This article also contains a list of features, pros, and cons of Ubuntu that will give you an edge over others.

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Below are the list of Best Ubuntu Interview Questions and Answers

Ubuntu is considered safe for the following reasons:

  • Ubuntu utilizes Linux that is considered as one of the most secure O.S frameworks
  • Dissimilar to other O.S frameworks, endless Linux clients can see the code whenever and can fix the issue if there is any
  • By and large, Malware and infections are coded to exploit shortcoming in Windows
  • It does not sustain malicious messages and contents, and before any email is opened by clients it will undergo numerous security checks

Ubuntu Advantage is Canonical undertaking administrations offering that incorporates the framework management devices and supports (access to the Canonical Support Services group) to help endeavors benefit as much as possible from their Ubuntu experience. This offering was explicitly intended to make the IT progressively proficient and diminish costs for extensive arrangements.

In order to find out if the video card on Ubuntu is run by Unity, then the following code is utilized:

/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p

This code will provide the user various details about the output given by Unity's requirements in case it is met at all. For instance, consider the following for a detailed explanation:

OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation

OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 6600 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!

OpenGL version string: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 270.30

Not software rendered:    yes
Not blacklisted:          yes
GLX fbconfig:             yes
GLX texture from pixmap:  yes
GL npot or rect textures: yes
GL vertex program:        yes
GL fragment program:      yes
GL vertex buffer object:  yes
GL framebuffer object:    yes
GL version is 1.4+:       yes
Unity supported:          yes

The various features that are released by Ubuntu for their respective cloud strategies include the following:

  • UbuntuOne(SaaS)
  • Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon EC2 (IaaS)
  • Ubuntu enterprise cloud powered by Eucalyptus (IaaS)

The UbuntuOne feature is for various software services. However, the last two features are meant for a targeted audience that is looking for infrastructure layers within the computer stacks.

Some of the uses of Private Cloud Concept include the following:

  • The Private Cloud Concept proposes a total arrangement of improvement devices and simple design boards where one can alter and convey various model applications.
  • It keeps the private and delicate applications discrete and protected from the entire world.
  • It utilizes a firewall and keeps every one of the assets in a pool that isolates them with different assets that are made open.
  • It gives a variety of arrangement to make superior applications and incorporates the idea of versatility.

In order to run Unity on any virtual machine, firstly install the prescribed virtual box and “In VirtualBox > = 4.0. The Unity that is supported by this particular virtual box will then run when various Guest Additions are installed.

Addressing and management of IP is a fundamental part of systems administration and to set up an Ubuntu cloud it must be designed effectively, for which the default gateway must be referenced for correspondence with other system or same system. To design IP addressing the codes that it can be utilized include ip, ifconfig and route. These codes allow the design of various networking. In order to set the configuration, utilize the below command:

sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask

Through this IP address, configurations can be set and arranged temporarily to save it forever on ifconfig files that must be altered.

The various elements used by Ubuntu Cloud architecture include the following:

  • Cloud controller: It is the primary controller that controls the correspondence between two nodes and enables the framework to speak with one another.
  • Walrus Storage controller: It controls the capacity of the information and asset at one spot for simple access.
  • Elastic block storage controller: It utilizes the flexibility idea and enables the assets to scale up as the interest rises. This block comprises of dynamic assets.
  • Cluster controller: it controls the cloud groups that are comprised of many nodes and contains the design of the considerable number of nodes from a solitary point.
  • Node controller: It comprises of a variety of equipment assets that is being given to the web or to the client through the group controller.

In order to authenticate as well as authorize a user, the following two crucial steps are involved:

  • The client ought to approach the cloud controller record and access to its UI.
  • Regulatory rights to the client to make their very own arrangements.

The three levels of machine instance isolation include:

  • Networking isolation
  • OS isolation
  • Hypervisor-based machine isolation
People are required to purchase WindowsIt is a completely free and open source operating system
It is not completely virus freeIt is virus free
It does not support numerous desktop applicationsIt supports numerous desktop applications
MS office needs to installed separatelyMS office comes in – built.
  • Verification and authentication of various user requests
  • Creating virtual network interfaces for ease in communication among machines
  • Permitting users to copy images from the various cache and use them
  • Store machine images that can be utilized by cloud controller
  • Accessing and storing data
  • Saving images

The following command is used to interface Ethernet into Ubuntu cloud:

ifconfig -a | grep eth
Link encap: Ethernet
HWaddr 00:15:c5:4a:16:5a
  • administrator possess the rights to begin and end any process in the system
  • X509 certificate authenticates Ubuntu cloud