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Linux Interview questions

Top 50 Linux Interview questions and answers for Beginers. Do you answers all ?

1. What is Linux? How it is different from UNIX ?

2. Compare Linux with Windows?

3. What is a kernel?

4. What uname command do?

5. What does whoami do?

6. Please Explain LILO?

7. What is the difference between a and A?

8. What is the name and the UID of the administrator user?

9. What does ls -R do?

10. How to list all files, including hidden ones, in a directory?

11. What is LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

12. What are the Linux boot files?

13. What is grep command do?

14. What is difference between absolute and relative path?

15. What is Samba? Why is it used?

16. Please Provide Linux command to remove a directory with its contents?

17. Which command will show you free/used memory? Does free memory exist on Linux?

18. What is the difference between soft and hard mounting points?

19. What is SSH? How to connect to a remote server via SSH

20. How to tranfer a local file to a remote server in Linux

21. What is Virtual Memory?

22. List the basic components of Linux?

23. What is a shebang line?

24. How do you move files in Linux?

25. What does the command env do?

26. What does chmod +x FILENAMEdo?

27. How to add a new system user without login permissions?

28. What is CLI?

29. What is the difference between Telnet and SSH?

30. What does set -o do?

31. Difference between swap partition and swap file?

32. What does comm do and how to use it?

33. How to get difference between two files?

34. How to add/remove a group from a user?

35. What is the full form of grep?

36. What is an A record, an NS record, a PTR record, a CNAME record, an MX record?

37. What does Sar provide? Where are Sar logs stored?

38. What is a zombie process?

39. What is a Split-Horizon DNS?

40. What is typical size for a swap partition under a Linux system?

41. What is an inode?

42. What is the difference between an environment and a local variable?

43. What is SSH port forwarding?

44. How can you list all hidden files in a directory?

45. What does the immutable bit do to a file?

46. How to create a link in Linux?

47. What does ps do?

48. Describe the mknod command and when you’d use it.

49. What are hard links?

50. What is “nohup” used for?