Talend Interview Questions

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Talend Interview Questions

Difference between ‘OnComponentOk’ and ‘OnSubjobOk’ lies in the connection and they are:

Belongs to Component Triggers connections.Belongs to Subjob Triggers connections.
It is linked to Component that starts to execute only when the previous component is successfully finished and executed.It is linked with Subjob that starts executing only when the previous Subjob finishes execution.
OnComponentOk link can be used with any component in a Job.This OnSubjobOk link can only be used with the first component of the Subjob, not others.

The simple but elegant open source project that is based on Eclipse is called the Talend Open Studio which supports ETL oriented implementations. It is usually provided for the on-premises readying. This helps with the code generator which produces knowledge transformation scripts for their satisfactory programme in Java. It provides an interactive and easy graphical user interface that allows you to access the data repository containing the definition and configurations for every method performed in Talend.

  • In Talend, connections are the ones to determines the data process, data output, or the logical sequence of work. Talend provides various types of connections like the 'Rowthat' which deals with an actual data flow. There are also varieties of Row connections that are supported in Talend, Main, Lookup, Filter,.Rejects, ErrorRejects and many others.
  • Another type of connection is Iterate that performs a loop on files in a directory.
  • Another is Trigger that is used to create dependency like the Subjob Trigger, OnSubjobOK, OnSubjobError, Run if and others.
  • The link is also a Talend connection that is used to transfer the table schema information

Following is the major advantage of Talend: Talend operates with a huge community in a very little expense in a very swift fashion like the modern trends, but unlike the trends, Talend gives assurance to be a unified and safe platform for all.

Talend is a simple open source software integration platform/vendor which offers integration and data management solutions with various integration software and services for big data, master data management, cloud storage, data management, data integration, data quality, data preparation, and enterprise applications.