Moodle interview questions

Moodle interview questions

For all of the potential Moodle experts who are finding the best-suited jobs must definitely get through this article. There is a number of organizations and structural institutes looking for the individuals having enough of the calibre with the respective field. We have brought the most relevant Moodle interview questions so that you may get the perfect platform to perform with your job.

Moodle is the major platform for creating the educators through online courses is entirely based over the accurate pedagogical principles. You can definitely go through the below mentioned Moodle interview questions in order to sharpen your views and get a better understanding of the concept. They are perfectly selected keeping the fundamentals in mind and they are best suited for freshers as well as experienced candidates.

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Below are the list of Best Moodle interview questions and Answers

Moodle is an online free open source Learning Platform or course management tool is written in PHP for creating e-learning websites. It distributed under the GNU General Public License.

In Moodle anonymity is totally uncertain. In some of the cases, certain areas are private than the others and information are also kept distinct from other users. An exception that is involved in Moodle is the feedback activity that can be set to anonymous.

In order to move audio files into Moodle, you have to upload these files just like any other files from the resource. This is done up to the extremity where the Moodle site allows you to download. Just keep in mind one thing that the files have been recorded as MP3 files as Moodle also contains a built-in player for such files.

The sites can easily be enabled or disabled for debugging in a number of ways. First of all, you have to log in as an administrator and have to access the administration block site. The steps for that include:

Admin> server> debugging and set there.

From the other settings options choose 'All: show all reasonable PHP debugging messages’. To disable the debugging of sight you can set the setting to 'None: do not show any errors for warnings’.

Live conversation in Moodle is possible through the Moodle chat activity. This conversation is also called synchronous communication.

The MS PowerPoint files can easily be put into the Moodle but there is an issue with the file size. This file contains certain additional information which is not required for the display and the embedded graphics are used larger than they actually needed to be. Some of the cases files are larger to upload to the Moodle, hence the file size can be reduced.

Yes, it is certainly possible to upload the video files into the Moodle just like any other files. The same barrier with this is the file size. For the successful uploading, size and resolution must be comparatively lower. All of the video files can be encoded into the flash video format.

Multiple files can be uploaded at one time by the use of zip files. You can save all of the available files on your system and upload them to the Moodle course. If in the course sites option you see the unzip option next to your file, then you can use it to transfer the whole website into Moodle.

There is not any specific programming limit but there are certain practical segments. Most of the web structures are hard to access and the three levels of categories are basically sufficient for most of the situations.

All of the Moodle sites have comparatively less flexibility than the other courses but still, there are certain changes which could be performed. This change customizes the look of the site and your Moodle administrator will be able to relate (discuss) it with you. Its prominent feature is categories and subcategories that will be there on the site rather than simply displaying the single courses over the page. Major of the arbitrary blocks of the text, images, audio or web links can be displayed here.

(As per the given condition the following steps can be performed in a sequence)

  • Access administration> users> permissions> define roles.
  • Then you can click over the edit icon placed opposite to the student role.
  • You can change the Moodle role.
  • Click over the save changes button at the bottom of the page.

The meanings of all of them are –

  • Role - identifier of the user status in any context.
  • Context - space in the Moodle system.
  • Capability - description for any of the particular feature.
  • Permission - it is a setting for a capability.

In order to perform the mentioned task, we have to ensure that the administrators are not assigned any other role in addition to their administrative or admin roles and responsibilities.

In case a new user is assigned to a system in the course category then the user has its roles in all of the courses for that relative context. Hence the teachers or students at this specific level appear as the course participants for all of the courses.

There are 10 absolute choices in the choice activity. You can select them and save the choices. After going back, update the choices which you have selected. After doing this, you will see that you are having more choices than before and you have to repeat it several times if you have a larger number of options.

Without using a source or any of the activity it is impossible to put the text into the Moodle. Instead, the labels can be used from the resource dropdown in order to add the plain text or formatted text to the front page of Moodle. Each of the topic boxes has an area adding header text.