SilverStripe Interview Questions and Answers

SilverStripe Interview Questions

Below are the list of some basic SilverStripe interview questions that for developers who willing to make their career in IT industry as SilverStripe developer.

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Below are the list of Best SilverStripe Interview Questions and Answers

SilverStripe is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) and Framework for creating and maintaining websites and web applications.

Some of the features of SilverStripe CMS are:

  • Headless & decoupled content delivery
  • Intuitive file & asset management
  • Archive, history, & version controls
  • Content blocks
  • Search engine friendly
  • User workflows & approvals


The current stable version of SilverStripe CMS is v4.3.0. which is released on 11 Dec 2018.

Yes, Silverstripe CMS is a free and open-source content management system. You can download it from the official website of Silver Stripe.

The SilverStripe\Core\Environment class provides a set of APIs and helpers are used to set up a local development environment in SilverStripe.

The web server software requirements for installing SilverStripe CMS are:

  • PHP >=7.1.
  • PHP extensions: ctype , dom , fileinfo , hash , intl , mbstring , session , simplexml , tokenizer , xml.
  • PHP configuration: memory_limit with at least 48M.
  • PHP extension for image manipulation: Either gd or imagick.
  • PHP extension for a database connector (e.g. pdo or mysqli )