Cyient Java Interview Questions

#1 What is difference between java and c?

#2 Explain exception chaining in Java?

#3 What is difference overloading and overriding?

#4 What is the difference between a checked and an unchecked exception?

#5 Differentiate call by value and call by reference ?

Call by value: 
A process in which the values of the actual parameters sent by the calling function are copied to the formal parameters of the called function.

Call by reference: 
A process in which the parameters of a calling function are passed to the parameters of the called function using an address.

#6 What is OutOfMemoryError in Java?

#7 What is difference between final and finally in Java?

#8 Why is string buffer better than string ?

#9 What is difference between throw and throws ?

#10 How can you catch multiple exceptions in java?

#11 What is used of static keyword in Java?

#12 Write a program to check String is Palindrome without using loop?

#13 What are meta-annotations?

#14 Write a program to check for a prime number in Java?

#15 How to write custom exception in Java?

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