Capgemini Java interview questions

#1 Question

Outline the major features of Java.

The major features of Java are listed below: –

  • Object-oriented: – Java language is based on object-oriented programming. In this, the class and the methods describe the state and behavior of an object. The programming is done by relating a problem with the real world object.
  • Portable: – the conversion of java program into Java bytecodes take place. This helps in running the program in any environment or platform without any dependency.
  • Platform independent: – java ensures “write once run anywhere” as its programs can be run on multiple platforms like- Windows, Mac, Sun Solaris, Linux, etc.
  • Robust: – java’s strong memory due to no pointer allocations, make it robust. The memory leaks are prohibited with the help of automatic garbage collection in java.
  • Interpreted: – the java code is converted into bytecodes by the java compiler which is then interpreted and executed by the Java interpreter or a just-in-time compiler (JIT).

#2 Question

What are different exception types exceptions available in Java ?

#3 Question

What is database normalization? Explain types of it.


#4 Question

What is difference between Class and object?

#5 Question

Explain Inversion of Control, how to implement it.

#6 Question

Explain What is Spring MVC?

#7 Question

What are design patterns and please explain?

#8 Question

Write code to implement bubble sort in Java?

#9 Question

What is a cursor, index in SQL ?

#10 Question

What is JVM? How its run?

#11 Question

Write a program to check for a prime number in Java?

#12 Question

Write a program to find the greatest of three numbers in Java?

#13 Question

What is hashing in Java?

#14 Question

Write an sql query for deleting duplicate rows ?

#15 Question

Explain the difference between call by refrence and call by value?

#16 Question

What are structs in java?

#17 Question

Write a java program for binary search?

#18 Question

What are Mutable classes?

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