PowerShell Interview Questions

  1. What is PowerShell?
  2. How to run a PowerShell script?
  3. How to check powershell version in Windows?
  4. How to start powershell in windows 10?
  5. What is $null in PowerShell?
  6. How to start and stop a service in PowerShell?
  7. What is String Interpolation in PowerShell?
  8. What are cmdlet's in PowerShell?
  9. What is use of Loop in PowerShell?
  10. How to call a function in powershell?
  11. What is $PSScriptRoot in PowerShell?
  12. What does $_ mean in PowerShell?
  13. What are Filters in PowerShell?
  14. Are PowerShell commands are case sensitive?
PowerShell Interview Questions
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