WCF Job Interview Questions for Beginners

WCF Interview Questions

What is WCF?

WCF (Windows Communication Framework) is a Microsoft structure that helps in making inter–process correspondences simpler. Through different methods, it gives you a chance to do correspondence like MS informing Queuing, Services, Remoting, etc. It likewise permits you to chat with other.NET applications or non-Microsoft advancements. Therefore, many organizations are looking for candidates with good knowledge of WCF.

If you are looking for getting an overview and preparing for your next WCF interview then the below essential WCF Interview Questions will help you with that! This article also contains a list of important features, pros, and cons of WCF that will help you prepare better and have an edge over other candidates.

Quick Questions About WCF

Quick QuestionsAnswers
WCF full formWindows Communication Foundation
WCF is aSoftware framework
WCF is used forBuilding and deploying distributed applications and services
WCF is developed by.NET Foundation
WCF is initially released on21 Nov. 2006
WCF is written inC#
WCF supportsLinux, macOS, Windows Os
WCF is licensed underMIT Licence

Key Responsibilities of WCF Developer

As a WCF Developer, some of the key responsibilities you may be expected to have include:

  • Designing and implementing WCF services.
  • Integrating WCF services with other systems.
  • optimize the performance of WCF services to ensure that they are responsive and efficient.
  • Documenting WCF services, including their design, implementation, and usage.
  • Testing and debugging WCF services to ensure that they function correctly and meet the requirements of the application.
  • Troubleshoot issues with WCF services, including issues with communication, security, and performance.
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Below are the list of Best WCF Interview Questions and Answers

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a system for structure administration arranged applications by which we can send offbeat message/information starting with one administration endpoint then onto the next administration endpoint. WCF is a runtime and many APIs for making frameworks that send messages among administrations and customers. A similar framework and APIs are utilized to make applications that speak with different applications on a similar PC framework or on a framework that lives in another organization and is gotten to over the Internet.

Some of the principally used protocols in the message layer in WCF include the following:

  • Encodes: It gives the quantity of encodes to message.
  • Exchange stream Channel: It characterizes the model in which a message is executed.
  • HTTP Channel: It determines which HTTP is to be utilized for conveying a message.
  • Named Pipe Channel: It empowers between procedure correspondence (IPC).
  • MSMQ Channel: It empowers administrations to between work the MSMQ Applications.
  • TCP Channel: It determines that TCP is utilized for conveying the message.
  • Ws-Reliable Messaging Channel: This convention offers assurance to convey the message over channels.
  • WS-Security Channel: It empowers to verify the message by actualizing the WS-security determination in the informing layer of an administration.
  • It is utilized to trade messages in the XML position with the assistance of HTTP convention to look after interoperability.
  • WCF utilizes remote administrations to trade messages in paired arrangement with the assistance of TCP convention to keep up the execution.
  • Support of trade information safely over the system in real – time.

The various Message Exchange Patterns (MEP) include the following:

  • Response/ Request: It is the default design. In this example, a reaction message will dependably be created to the purchaser when the task is called, even with the void return type. In this situation, the reaction will have a void SOAP body.
  • OneWay: Now and again, people are intrigued to make an impression on the administration to execute certain business usefulness yet not keen on getting anything back. OneWay MEP will work in such situations. In the event that we need lined message conveyance, OneWay is the main accessible choice.
  • Duplex: The Duplex MEP is fundamentally a two-way message channel. Now and again, we need to make an impression on the administration to start some more extended running preparing and require a warning once again, from the administration to affirm that the mentioned procedure has been finished.
It is the default serializerIt is not a default serializer
It is fasterIt is slower
It is used for simple schemesIt is used for complex schemes

SOAP represents the Simple Object Access Protocol, which is utilized for the trading information in XML-based organization over HTTP. SOAP is broadly utilized by web administrations for trading information. A SOAP message has a discretionary header and a required body component. A SOAP message header can contain the application-explicit data like confirmation or approval and so forth. Additionally, a SOAP message header must be the main component of the SOAP Envelope component. The SOAP body is composed of the real SOAP message. Additionally, SOAP is a mix of HTTP convention and XML. For example, SOAP = HTTP + XML

The primary target of characterizing contracts is to make concur with both customer and server for similar activities, structures, information types and so forth. This is vital to building up the protected correspondence between the two. This is a formal consent to characterize the stage lack of bias and models just as what is finished by the administrations. Here are some of the most basic kinds of contracts that are every now and again utilized inside WCF innovation.

  • Data Contract
  • Fault Contract
  • Message Contract
  • Operation Contract
  • Service Contract

The principle constituents of WCF include the following:

  • Endpoints
  • Host
  • Service

The various endpoints in WCF include the following:

  • "Address" property is the piece of endpoint characterized in administration level and this property is utilized to decide the area if the administration, where it is found.
  • "Binding" property is the piece of endpoint characterized in administration level and this property is utilized to choose out the sort conventions, encodings and transport. These the sum total of what factors hosts been chosen by both the gatherings who need to impart one another.
  • "Contract" property is only an interface among customer and server where customer and server convey one another. Contracts are utilized to distinguish activities accessibly.

Some of the different ways of hosting service in WCF include the following:

  • IIS hosting
  • Self – Hosting
  • Windows Activation Services hosting (WAS)
  • Windows services hosting
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Impersonation is an approach to approve a guest (customer) character to get to the administration area's assets. The administration assets might be neighbourhood records or database tables and ought to be on a similar machine on which administration is facilitated. However, impersonation is restricted and assets are retrieved by utilizing the WCF administration's procedure character.

The Policy and Binding segment of the agreement layer determine critical information. Such as security and convention of WCF administrations. Restricting is a procedure used to empower correspondence among administrations and clients. There are a few conventions, which are important to interchanges with the end purpose of services. For example, HTTP, MSMQ and TCP.

After the introductory arrangement of the WCF administration, you may need to change the administration for various reasons like changing business needs or fixing others issues. Each adjustment in your current administration presents another rendition of the administration. Administration forming is useful in reverse similarity with your current customers.

A data contract is a type of formal understanding between the server and the customer between whom information is traded safely. It could be characterized by either verifiably or expressly dependent on the necessity. It will characterize the arrangement, structure, and kind of information to be traded between gatherings. It will characterize the procedure by what means would data be able to be serialized or deserialized. This forming framework oversees changes for auxiliary information.

SOA (Service Oriented Architectural) is an accumulation of administrative activities that decides how two computing services will connect with one another to accomplish various business applicability. Furthermore, it also decided upon how one element can get the work done on behalf of another element.

WCF pursues the "Product as a Service" show, where all units of usefulness are characterized as administrations. For correspondence, each point is an entry or association either with the customer or different administrations. It is a program that uncovered a gathering of endpoints.