Active Directory Interview Questions

Latest Active Directory Interview Questions and Answers

  • Q1.

    Explain what is Active Directory?

  • Q2.

    What is the port no of LDAP ?

  • Q3.

    What is KCC?

  • Q4.

    What is SYSVOL Folder?

  • Q5.

    Explain the difference between Enterprise and Domain Admin groups in Active Directory?

  • Q6.

    What are application partitions? When do I use them ?

  • Q7.

    What are sites? For what they are used?

  • Q8.

    What is Forest? How to check tombstone lifetime value in your Forest ?

  • Q9.

    What is LDAP?

  • Q10.

    Please Explain Active Directory Schema?

  • Q11.

    Explain domain controller in AD?

  • Q12.

    List the ports used by Active Directory?

  • Q13.

    Where Active Directory database held and how would you create a backup of the database?

  • Q14.

    What is Domain Tree?

  • Q15.

    What is RODC ?

  • Q16.

    What is Subnet?

  • Q17.

    How to configure Universal Group Membership Caching in AD?

  • Q18.

    What Export-VM command do?

  • Q19.

    Explain namespace?

  • Q20.

    What are Schemas?

  • Q21.

    What are Flat Namespaces?

  • Q22.

    What are Hierarchical Namespaces?

  • Q23.

    List different types of containers in AD?

  • Q24.

    List the components of an Active Directory structure?

  • Q25.

    What is Multiple-Master Replication?

  • Q26.

    What is Primary Domain COntroler (PDC Emulator)?

  • Q27.

    What gpupdate /force command do?

  • Q28.

    What are Subnets?

  • Q29.

    What is One Directional Trust and Bi-Directional Trust?

  • Q30.

    Explain Generic Containers?

  • Q31.

    How is data presented in active directory ?

  • Q32.

    How is data actually stored in active directory?

  • Q33.

    List all Common Rdn prefixes?

  • Q34.

    What is difference between OUs and Groups?

  • Q35.

    Which file can you view to identify SRV records associated with a domain controller?