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Active Directory Interview Questions

Latest Active Directory Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is LDAP?

2. What is the port no of LDAP ?

3. What is KCC?

4. What is SYSVOL Folder?

5. Explain the difference between Enterprise and Domain Admin groups in Active Directory?

6. What are application partitions? When do I use them ?

7. What are sites? For what they are used?

8. What is Forest? How to check tombstone lifetime value in your Forest ?

9. What is LDAP?

10. Please Explain Active Directory Schema?

11. Explain domain controller in AD?

12. List the ports used by Active Directory?

13. Where Active Directory database held and how would you create a backup of the database?

14. What is Domain Tree?

15. What is RODC ?

16. What is Subnet?

17. How to configure Universal Group Membership Caching in AD?

18. What Export-VM command do?

19. Explain namespace?

20. What are Schemas?

21. What are Flat Namespaces?

22. What are Hierarchical Namespaces?

23. List different types of containers in AD?

24. List the components of an Active Directory structure?

25. What is Multiple-Master Replication?

26. What is Primary Domain COntroler (PDC Emulator)?

27. What gpupdate /force command do?

28. What are Subnets?

29. What is One Directional Trust and Bi-Directional Trust?

30. Explain Generic Containers?

31. How is data presented in active directory ?

32. How is data actually stored in active directory?

33. List all Common Rdn prefixes?

34. What is difference between OUs and Groups?

35. Which file can you view to identify SRV records associated with a domain controller?