Toad Interview Questions

Toad Interview Questions
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Toad is a database management toolset to manage both the relational and non-relational databases. Developed by the Quest software, Toad is used by database developers, database administrators, and data analysts to manage the database. It simplifies the workflow, improves the code quality, and reduces code defects while supporting team collaboration. Supported on most of the widely used databases such as RDBMS, and NoSQL, Toad provides a future-ready solution.

The supported Toad platforms are,

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • DB2
  • SAP
  • MySQL
  • Hadoop

Some of the major features of the Toad are,

  • It connects to over 50 data sources such as files, relational, non-relational, cloud or on-premises, NoSQL including Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Dynamo, and more.
  • Toad simplifies your report-building process by building reusable workflows.
  • It enables you to blend data from multiple sources in a single query.
  • You can use the automation routines with the toad for enhanced productivity and reporting accuracy.
  • With the graphical interface, you can use toad to build complex queries against multiple data sources to speed up the SQL development process.
  • With the Toad Intelligence Central, you can share integrated data, business rules, queries, and workflow sharing.

You should have appropriate database privilege (GRANT DEBUG CONNECT SESSION TO user) for debugging. Then, switch on the debug option "Toggle compile with Debug" to enable the debugging in your code.

To enable the DBMS_OUTPUT in Toad, follow these instructions.

  • In toad, click View=>Toad Options. It opens the Options window.
  • In the options window, click on the Execute/Compile option under the Editor note.
  • Then, click the Poll for DMBS_OUTPUT and check the checkbox. Finally, click the Apply and OK button to apply the settings.
  • After completing these instructions, you’ll be able to view the output in the DBMS Output window if you run a PL/SQL program having a DBMS_OUTPUT statement.

The Toad Data Modeler is used to quickly deploy accurate changes to the data structure in more than 20 different platforms. With this, you can construct logical and physical data models, compare and synchronize models, generate complex SQL/DDL queries, and more. It also has features for in-depth reporting, model customization, easy migration, and data access with project folders.

Some of the top alternatives for the Toad for Oracle are,

  • SQL Developer - An Oracle database management tool.
  • phpMyAdmin - A free software used to handle the administration of MySQL.
  • Navicat Premium - A database administration tool.
  • DbVisualizer - A database tool for developers, DBAs, and analysts.
  • Sequel Pro - A SQL database Management system.
  • DBeaver - A database management system.
  • dbForge Studio - A universal MySQL and MariaDB client for database management, administration, and development.
  • Robomongo - A native and cross-platform MongoDB manager.
  • Amazon Athena - An interactive query service.
  • SQLyog - A database management tool for MySQL GUI.

Toad Data Point is a multi-platform database query, data preparation, and reporting tool. It acts as a single tool for basic querying and reporting needs by connecting to a wide range of data sources. It also lets you choose the interface that works for you by providing ultimate flexibility and good functionality. It connects to a wide range of data sources and provides multiple methods for locating objects.