Swift Interview Questions

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Swift Interview Questions

There are four data types that the developers mostly use in Objective – C.
  • BOOL – It represents a Boolean value that is true or false.
  • NSInteger – It represents an Integer.
  • NSString – It represents a string.
  • Cgfloat – It represents a floating-point value.
  • Variables are always initialized before use.
  • Memory is managed automatically.
  • Arrays and integers are checked for overflow.
  • Switch function can be used instead of using “if” statement.
  • It eliminates the classes that are in unsafe mode.
The control transfer statements in swift are:
  • Continue
  • Break
  • Fallthrough
  • Return
A few of the many advantages of using swift are:
  • Optional types
  • Closures
  • Built-in error handling
  • Much faster than other languages
  • Supports pattern matching
  • Type-safe language

In Swift, an attribute is a construct which provides some additional information of declaration or its type. It is represented with @ symbol and then succeeded by the attribute name and arguments. Arguments are distinct only to some attributes. For example,




iOS swift is an intuitive and stalwart language for the iOS. It is joyful to deal with the writing stuff in Swift. It is very advanced and its syntax is also concise and expressive too. It is very good by design and is able to produce software that runs very quick. It encompasses diverse modern hallmarks.

It is one of the programming languages and also a system creating an application for iOS and OS X.
For Cocoa and Cocoa touch, this programming language is considered to be an innovative one.

  • @synthesize – It generates the getter and setter methods for the property.
  • @dynamic – It notifies the compiler that the getter and setter are implemented at some other place.

In Swift, a deinitializer is used to free up the resources by deallocates your instance class when they remain no longer useful for you. a dinit keyword is used to represent it. It is only present on class types.

The term “defer” is a keyword that provides a block of code that executes when the execution is leaving the current scope.