IOS Architect Interview Questions

  1. How can you enable client certificate in ios 12?
  2. How to pass parameter to selector function in Swift?
  3. List the devices compatible with iOS 11?
  4. How do you decide when to use infinite scroll or pagination in IOS?
  5. What are iBeacons in IOS?
  6. What is difference between shallow copy and deep copy in IOS ?
  7. Which compiler is used by IOS?
  8. Explain the Architecture of iPhone?
  9. Which JSON framework is supported by iOS?
  10. What design patterns do you use in iOS?
  11. How do you usually persist data on iOS?
  12. What is onboarding and why is it so important for mobile design?
  13. Why to keep user policies at server side rather on device?
  14. How to do threat management in Ios?
IOS Architect Interview Questions

IOS architect interview questions 

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