Oracle Interview Questions

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Oracle Interview Questions

The & operator signifies that a user input is needed for the PL SQL block variable. The && operator signifies that this variable’s value must be the same as inputted earlier by the user for same variable.

Every user is given particular attributes identified by a username termed as a user account. The below can be incorporated into the user attributes:

  • Passwords to access database,
  • Roles and privileges,
  • Default tablespace containing database objects and
  • Default temporary tablespace facilitating query handling workspace.

A group of SQL statements flanked by any 2 ROLLBACK and COMMIT statements is a transaction.

It is a file which has a binary nature and contains initialization parameter’s list. It is located machines where database server executes. Initialization parameters of server parameter file are persistent.

It’s a cursor formed by Oracle internally for individual SQL.

Each operating Oracle database is associated with an Oracle instance. As soon as a database server starts the database, it is assigned a memory area by Oracle called System Global Area (SGA) and starts one or more than one processes. The SGA and Oracle processes together are referred to as an Oracle instance. The process and memory of an instance are used to efficiently handle data used by multiple users.