PowerPoint Interview Questions

  1. How might you demonstrate your presentation online in PowerPoint?
  2. What Is The Purpose Of Ribbon?
  3. How to Insert a Blank Table?
  4. How to modify the Theme Colors?
  5. How can you make a video in PowerPoint?
  6. How can somebody check similarity check when you share PowerPoint slide to previous or older version?
  7. How to utilize PowerPoint Slide Zoom Feature?
  8. How can you secure your introduction in PowerPoint?
  9. How can you add a bookmark to the video in PowerPoint?
  10. How can you include services in PowerPoint?
PowerPoint Interview Questions

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application. There are numerous jobs related to Microsoft PowerPoint, some of them are PowerPoint creator, PowerPoint designer, PowerPoint advisor, executive assistant and head visual merchandiser. The difficulty level of the PowerPoint Interview Questions may change for fresher and experienced. While fresher’s might be asked simple and basic questions whereas experienced candidates may be asked different level questions. But whether you are a fresher or experienced, you should be prepared for the interview.

So here we are furnishing you with some of the standard PowerPoint Interview questions (with answers), which are mostly asked in an interview. Hope these questions will help you in analyzing the level you have to prepare for:

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To show your presentation in PowerPoint following steps are followed:
  • Tap on File > Share > Present Online
  • Select the option which enables remote watchers to download the presentation checkbox
  • Click Present Online
  • Send your link for the invitations by copying the link or send in an email
  • To stop the online presentation Slide Show press ESC and click on End Online Presentation to end the presentation
 The ribbon is intended to help you rapidly find the commands that you have to finish a task.
To insert a blank table follow the following steps:
  • On the Insert option, press the table command.
  • Put the cursor of the mouse over the graph squares to choose the number of rows and columns in the table.
  • Left click on your mouse. The table will show up on the slide.
  • You would now be able to put the addition point anyplace in the table to add text.
Following is the procedure to change the theme colors
  • From the Design option, click the Theme Colors command. A drop-down list will show up.
  • Keep the cursor of the mouse over the diverse sets of theme colors to have a preview.

  • Click on the theme colors, which you want to have, or click on the Create New Theme Colors to modify each color separately.
Follow these steps to make a video:
  • Select the file button tab
  • Select Export, and after that click on Create a Video option, video export option will show up on the right
  • Click the list down arrow, which is next to Computer and HD Displays for the quality and size of your video
  • Select the option accordingly whether you need to record narration or not
  • Click Create Video and after that save the video
When you send or share PowerPoint slides to an older version and need to check similarity test, Go to File à Info à Check for issues à Check Compatibility. The tool reveals to you which new features are not good with older versions.
To utilize PowerPoint Slide Zoom,
  • Beneath the primary slide, click on the amplifying glass icon in Presenter View
  • Hover around the region of the slide you need to magnify
  • Select and drag the hand tool over the slide to move the slide around while still zoomed in
  • To zoom pull out tap the amplifying glass symbol
To secure your presentation in PowerPoint,
  • Click the File to Backstage View
  • In Info board, tap the Protect Presentation option
  • In the drop-down menu, pick the alternative that best suits your requirements.
  • If you stamp it as final, a pop-up box will show up requesting that you save the report as last.
  • When you click OK another pop-up box, seem to affirm the presentation is saved.
To add a bookmark to the video,
  • To find the desired piece of the videos tab on the timetable
  • Click the Add Bookmark charge from the Playback tab
  • On the timeline, Bookmark will show up, click the bookmark to jump to that area.
To include services in PowerPoint,
  • From the file, menu select Account option
  • A new account window will appear up, and you will locate a Connected Services section.
  • You will find in this area that the list of services is included for PowerPoint
  • With-in Add a services drop-down menu, you will find options like Images and Videos (YouTube), Storage (365 SharePoint) and Share (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Once you press on the Connect button, it will request your email address and once connected with simply click on Done button