Unreal Engine interview questions

Every computer engineer and other tech people are to enhance their skill in the field of the gaming world for better career options. For this, learning and knowing the Unreal Engine is a good choice of study. Unreal Engine interview questions, hence, are a highly seeking topic which is required to enhance a student’s professional skills in the field of game development and also in other zones.

Are you guys interested in gaming? Then yes, you should know how it is developed in the first place. Unreal engine is one of the platforms for the game developers to use the unreal world with all the surreal beauty in the game zone. Here are few Unreal Engine interview questions with appropriate answers for all your doubts.

#1 In which year was Unreal Engine initially released and when did it become stable?

In May 1998, the Unreal Engine was first released and then had to undergo many changes till its stable release of 4.21 version in the year 2018.

#2 In which version was the killing floor built in the game?

The killing floor was developed in the second version of the Unreal Engine.

#3 Who is the original author of Unreal Engine programming?

Tim Sweeney is the original author of the unreal engine

#4 Does UnrealScript supports multiple inheritances?

No, UnrealScript doesn’t support multiple inheritances.

#5 What do you understand by ‘BLUE PRINT’ in Unreal Engine 4?

A main game logical object is called a blueprint. It is like a preface in a novel. It is an index with components of ideas together with a script on it. This is used for the purpose of editing where the Blueprint Editor is used. Behavior logic of blueprint is written using С++ class, the graph editor or the both.

Every blueprint has a parent class. This class is the class in C++. One can create their own C++ classes derivatives from the defaults options like the Actor.h and then use a custom class in blueprint as the parent class. So, this is the working process of a blueprint in Unreal Engine.

#6 What do you understand by Unreal Engine?

It is the programme for gaming with a highly defined unreal world for the players within the game.

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#7 Unreal engine 2 was used for army recruitment too. What’s the game that was used and when?

In 2002, America’s army was the game that was developed with the Unreal Engine and was used in the army recruitment process.

#8 Compare UnrealScript with Java.

  • UnrealScript is object-oriented like Java.
  • The unreal script, like Java, is also without multiple inheritances. Also, the classes are defined in a single file named only for the class they are defined for.
  • UnrealScript don’t have object wrappers for its primitive types but Java does.
  • Interfaces can only be supported in an Unreal Engine version 3 which is not the case with the Java.
  • There are a very few Unreal Engine 2 games that support operator overloading but it does not have anything like the method overloading as in the Java language.

#9 What do you understand by UDK in the unreal engine?

The ability to publish and sell games were made easy with Unreal Engine 3 yet there were restrictions to the licensees of this engine. Hence in the month of November 2009, the Epic Games released a new free version of Unreal engine 3 kits that were called the Unreal Development Kit or the UDK. It was let for the public to avail all the basic possible facilities.

In the month of December 2010, this kit was renewed for including supports for creating iOS model games and apps that was required for the modern mobiles, tabs, and others such.

#10 What is UnrealScript or Uscript?

UnrealScript is the original scripting language of the programme that had been used for authorizing the Unreal Engine gameplay events and the game code. This was before the release of Unreal Engine 4.

#11 Who is the developer of Unreal Engine?

The Epic Games is the developer of the Unreal Engine which was found by Tim Sweeney, the author of Unreal Engine.

#12 Name a few awards that were won by Unreal engine?

  • The Unreal Engine has got many technical awards that include:
  • Eight Game Developer Magazine Front Line Awards for the being the Best Game Engine
  • Seven Develop Industry Excellence Awards for Best Engine
  • A place in the Front Line Awards Hall of Fame.
  • Unreal Engine also received GamesRadar's E3in the year 2012
  • An Important Stuff Awards for "Best Taste of Next-Gen" in the same year.
  • It also won Game Informer's Best of E3 2012 Awards for "Best Tech" and IGN's Best of E3 2012 for being the "Coolest Tech".
  • Guinness World Records in 2014 called the Unreal technology to be the most ever successful video game engine of all time.
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#13 What is the language used in Unreal Engine programming?

The unreal engine is written in the programming code of C++ which then uses the language of the Unreal game.

#14 What are the advantages of choosing Unreal Engine 4 over Unity?

Unreal Engine 4 has some templates that could start along with free game samples. Unity doesn't really have any such options. There are many substantial things in Unity that one would have to buy solutions from the asset store like their UI system in Unity is always incomplete or is in a very basic form whereas Unreal Engine 4 has a complete UI system integrated to it.

#15 Differentiate between unreal engine 3 and unreal engine 4?

Unreal Engine 3Unreal Engine 4
Unreal Engine 3 has good textures and lightning but was in need of improvement and there is no per-lighting a programmed in it.Unreal Engine 4 has better textures and better lighting as it includes voxel cone tracing already programmed in it.
Not mobile friendly.Friendly and efficient even in mobiles phones.
Earlier, Unreal Engine version 3 only supports PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 platforms, Windows and while iOS and Android were later added in the year of 2010.The Unreal Engine 4 targets the eighth generation of consoles with Tegra K1-based devices that can help with Android and PC’s
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