Teacher Interview Questions

Teacher Interview Questions

If you are aspiring to be a teacher, now is a good time to study and do a little research about the kind of questions panelists ask during an interview. You can ask a few questions to yourself like working on a few pointers for your strengths and weaknesses which is the most common among all. You could also find an explanation as to “why you chose this school for teaching”. A lot depends on your answer to this question.

So before you face your Teacher Interview Questions here are a few tips that you might want to pay attention to:

  • Add a personal touch: Every other candidate that has come for the interview is well prepared and therefore you have to do something different to outdo them. You can do it by adding a personal touch to your answers. You can describe a little event from the past or an experience with a special student and how you handled it.
  • List down your expertise: When you applied for the job, you must have come across the requirements that the school is looking for. Try to match each pointer with your expertise or a skill that you have mastered in the past. It could also be a certificate that was awarded in the previous school for your good work. It will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Do thorough research on the school: You must find information on the school you are applying to. It will be available on the website or on Wikipedia. In case you have somebody you know among the staff, you can request some insights before going for the job interview.

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We have listed below the best Teachers Interview Questions, that are very popular & asked many times at Teachers' Interviews. So, practice these Special Education | Pre School Teachers Interview Questions to check your final preparation for the interview. apart from this, you can also download the Teachers Interview Questions PDF completely free.

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Below are the list of Best Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

In order to learn new things and keep myself updated, I usually attend lectures and follow influencers of my field. Whenever I come across something important, I usually take a note of it. I always remember to look for further details and do a little research on it and also I try to discuss it with the professionals of my field to learn any other insight on it. These notes also act as a reference in case I’m involved with any project or subject.

Yes, I have been an active participant in workshops and seminars. In the district where I was placed, they organized such events for the teachers. It was usually about awareness programs. There were also some conferences of which I was a part. The conferences were mostly about how to teach and keep up while teaching special kids. There were few workshops organized by government bodies. I was chosen by many teachers to attend and represent my district. The workshop was on strategy for managing students and maintaining discipline at the same time.

The teaching staff here is warm and welcoming. I find that all the staff members here stay together as a community, which is a very different experience for me.
As a student, I have always been in the dance classes myself and after I started teaching, I lead many dance groups to be it classical, western or pop. Thus, if the school has a dance club then it would something of my interest and I would love to be a part of it sharing my expertise with children. If not, I can also initiate a dance group by selecting students. As far as other activities are concerned, if there is anything in priority and the institute needs my help seeing me as a fit, I would immediately take up the responsibility and serve it with the best of my knowledge.
 As per my experience, the very first step is to know the cause and therefore I would personally talk to the child. My further actions would depend on the response shared by the child. If there is anything that is concerning him on the school premises then I would inform it to higher faculty or supervisor. If there is anything at a personal level then with prior discussion with other institute members I will figure out a way to bring this to the attention of child’s family member.
 It is very common to find a few students who are not at the same pace as other students in a class. They may be shy, uncomfortable or distracted by some element. If so, I would take an approach of engaging such a child either by allotting a suitable partner or asking him to help me with some extra activity on the subject to bring attention and focus.
 Sometimes it becomes difficult to explain why is a child lagging. Both teacher and parents often miss out on the real reason. Thus, if a child has scored low grades, I would discuss the whole performance of the child with his parents and ask for his routine at home. Together we can come up with a strategy to help a child focus on his studies. I would also discuss the approach and strategy that teachers take to prepare the students for exams. I would personally request the parents to talk to their child and find the reason behind such grades and if there is any difficulty that the child is coming across can be worked out.
I consider myself responsible for any student I teach. If a teacher is teaching students who are young enough to understand anything to do with abusing and neglect then teachers can do a quick health check to see if all their students are in good condition. The check could be either daily or weekly depending on the class strength. If there is a situation where I come across any student who is bruised or injured, I would bring it to the attention of my supervisors first. Then without offending the family members, we can discuss it with the family member who is close to the child. This way the child would feel safe and tell everything honestly.
 Understanding that bullying can hurt a child in a number of ways, I always take this part very seriously. As a teacher, our job is not only to teach subjects but to educate students about such aspects too. Following this rule, I always discuss and make few rules on the very first day, which includes anti-bullying. I make students understand how it can impact someone and the ones who do it are inculcating bad habit. Still, if I come across such a scenario, I will make two strategies. First, discuss again why bullying someone is bad and what consequences can it lead to. Secondly, I will separately speak to all the people who were involved in bullying and discuss the reason for doing it. If I find the students are stubborn and can repeat it, I will immediately inform the incident to my superiors and request to take some action.
A teacher is another form of a parent as they impart endless knowledge and help us to grow from a point where a child learns their first word. Such is the role played by every teacher. I still remember my English teacher who taught me things, which I still implement. I was always intrigued by the way she uses to mold the most difficult things into easy learning. She is still a role model for me. Continuing with the same feeling, I wish to be someone whom my students could look up to. From handling education pressure to taking a big step of leaving school and entering the main world, I want to carve my students in a way that are ready for any challenge they have to face.
I have always believed in something that learning is endless. No matter you are a professor at some college or University or a Director of a government education program. We always have something new coming our way and we must respect the learning process. It has always worked for me and I wish to pass it on to my students. Though I am a teacher I still consider myself as a student who has still a lot to learn. I have always gone beyond my limitations and chosen to learn things, which were not related to my field or subject. We believe in mastering a particular field but we must have an open mind for other things too. This makes me proud of my professional, as I will always come across something new or something that is important. I dedicate myself completely and use resources such as library and online services to understand things better. I always recommend my students to build a knowledge base for themselves and keep going.
I usually take a proactive approach and involve every child in the class making them interact with each other like a community. I encourage behavior, which is more positive and friendly and make opportunities that keep a flow going between students and also between a teacher and student. If there are children who are a little slow or have a different approach, I extend my additional support to them and help them mixing up with other group members.It usually happens with children are introvert and keep only to themselves. I always work on keeping everybody motivated all the time whether there are students who score less or high.I let students come up with rules and strategies they wish to follow and improvise on it a little.
Living in a world of technology, I have always preferred using modern methods to conduct my classes. I have used a variety of devices and I have complete expertise in using a tablet, desktop or computers. I can use Microsoft office well. I am also comfortable with all the technical equipment that is helpful in teaching such as a microphone, video recorder, recording device, speakers etc. For teaching, I usually use two major things i.e. Desktop and Microsoft office. Desktop helps in saving all my education material in one place and I can always communicate with other staff members over email. Microsoft office software consists of a word document, which I usually prefer for making notes and PowerPoint to create my presentation to teach in my classes. If there is a further requirement for me to learn something new, I would be happy to do it.
If I would be appointed here for English classes, I would make sure that my students will learn about the subject as well as the practical applications. I will create small competitions and debates in the classroom that would keep the students active and engaged. They would learn to read, write and speak better English. My students would get a chance to learn how to go about extempore and what should they do when it comes to facing an audience. These skills would help them in their future.
I would be lying if I say no! I admit that I do get frustrated with few activities inside the class. Among the whole class, teachers always encounter few students who showcase their attitude and neglect everything you say or implement in the class. Sometimes they influence others in doing so. But these kids instead of making me angry challenge me in a special way. I take it in a positive way and try to first reason with them. If that doesn’t work I find other ways of molding them. Engaging them more in class activities and making them responsible for other students. I usually appoint some of my mischievous students into class in-charge and someone who takes care of the whole class in my absence for few minutes. I have found that this strategy works in a really good way.
The best way to prepare students for assessment is to involve them in every way. The student must realize its importance and most importantly must be familiar with the pattern and grading system, therefore, I some of my students to explain it to others how it works. Most of the doubts can be cleared during those sessions. Telling them the important chapters and subjects they must cover. Talking about the experience of previous year can help them picture better of how it feels like.
Every school is concerned when it comes to standards. Therefore I personally prepare my topics and lectures that meet every criterion that matches the standards mentioned. I try to teach a student that is mentioned as per the standard committee of a particular state because it impacts the overall performance of not only a child but also creates an impact on University.
I have always looked to make any contribution that I am capable of to education; therefore, I adopt the latest technology for my teaching methods. It will give students a new and better way of learning. Another important aspect of being a teacher is classroom management. I drive strategies to make it better. Last but not the least, I always believe in developing a curriculum that is in the best of interest and updated as per current standards.
Sometimes it gets difficult to make some of the students understand that attitude is not a good sign. But instead of getting angry at them, I personally challenge myself how to go about it in a much-defined way. Instead of controlling them and asking people not to do what they are doing, I try to mold them and think of a different strategy such as involving them. It could be difficult at first but eventually has shown greater results.
The principal is a very important figure when it comes to the whole school management. I believe a principal has the utmost responsibilities and teachers and other staff members make sure that we meet the criteria and help fulfill the goals set by the principal. A principal must possess a vision and strategy to accomplish it. He must hold all the staff members together as a team and guide continuously how they must work to reach a collective goal. A principal must visit the premises daily and keep a strict check on the rules and regulations that must be followed every day. A good principal would always be accessible to its teaching staff and also the students. A principal must care about every single member of the school irrespective of their post.