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Soap UI Interview Questions

Soap UI Interview Questions and Answers

Find top interview questions on Soap UI and their answers

1. Explain SoapUI?

SoapUI is one of the Most Advanced and smarter REST & SOAP testing tool.It is free cross plateform testing plateform for testing SOAP and REST Webservices.

2. What is latest version of SoapUI?

SoapUI 5.4 is latest version of SoapUI. It was released on December 4, 2017.

3. What project formats are available in SoapUI.

SoapUI mainly supports two project formats:
1)Standalone projects
2)Composite projects.

4. List the features offered by SoapUI opensource?

Some features offered by SoapUI opensource are

1)Functional Testing
2)Service Simulation
3)Security testing
4)Load Testing
5)Technology Support

5.What programming languages are supported by SoapUI.

Soap UI supports Groovy, and JavaScript programming languages.

6.What is Groovy Scripting?

Groovy Scripting is a language used for testing web services.

7.What is an xml and how is it used?

Xml stands for “Extensible Markup Language”, it is used to store and transport data. It is a flexible way to create data formats and share information via the Internet.

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