Sap lumira Interview Questions

Sap lumira Interview Questions

SAP Lumira is a light-footed representation arrangement that enables business clients to break down monstrous information volumes and get a one of a kind knowledge continuously. Intended for convenience and joint effort, SAP Lumira lets you share compelling information stories and expand the intensity of huge information to everybody over the venture. These SAP Lumira Interview Questions have been prepared exceptionally to get you familiar with the nature of interview questions that you may experience in your interview on the subject of SAP Lumira.

This article also provides a list of features, pros and cons on SAP Lumira to help you get an overview on the topic.

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Some of the popular uses of SAP Lumira include the following:

  • Uncover HANA sees as datasets on SAP Lumira work area and distribute it as a dataset on SAP Lumira
  • Make wonderful illustrations and perceptions to pass on and share learning
  • Demonstrate the "where" of your information utilizing intelligent maps and geolocations
  • Offer your bits of knowledge right away making it simple to work together with partners and associates.
  • Make, investigate, and share datasets and examination and made them accessible by means of internet browsers or cell phones.

The different tabs of SAP Lumira include the following:

  • Prepare: This is utilized to import informational collection in SAP Lumira. Information purifying is done and changed over into the suitable measures or qualities for the reports.
  • Visualize: This tab is utilized to include diagrams and graphs the information that has been imported and composed in the Prepare tab.
  • Compose: This is utilized to make stories and introduction, including foundation hues, titles, pictures, and content.
  • Share: This tab is utilized to distribute your perceptions to various stages or with a various arrangement of clients in the BI Repository.

SAP Lumira "desktop" along with SAP Lumira Server have been intended to fill in as one arrangement. Work area clients can make representations and stories and make them accessible over the association by distributing them on SAP Lumira Server.

The various types of charts available in SAP Lumira include the following: Bar Chart, Column Chart, Radar Chart, Pie Chart, Donut Chart, Tree, Scatter Plot, Bubble Chart, and Network Chart.

For attaching datasets in Lumira, client ought to pursue the directions as recorded:

Explore to Data → Combine → Append.

For utilizing attach, the two tables ought to incorporate a similar number of sections and good information types.

Note: Only good information types can be affixed.

The various panels used in the Prepare tab include the following:

  • Dimension and Measure Panel: It contains a rundown everything being equal and measures gained in the informational index. The number before each article speaks to its information type. You can utilize distinctive apparatuses in this board to alter the information objects and to include chains of command.
  • Dataset Selector: You can choose between numerous datasets or you can likewise obtain another dataset utilizing this choice.
  • Filter Bar: This speaks to channel connected to any measurement in the dataset. To include a channel click the symbol before the dataset and snap on Filter.

The benefit of compose tab includes one can make diverse stories in SAP Lumira in introduction style archive utilizing perception, illustrations and different customizations that have been connected to the dataset. When you go to make tab you get various choices to choose an Infographic, Board or a Report.

Conditional Formatting is utilized to make reference to basic information focuses on a graph by various qualities meeting a certain condition. Numerous restrictive organizing tenets can be connected to measures or measurements.

At the point when information is gained, the application searches for measurement containing the area and present with a symbol. Snap-on alternative symbol before a measurement → Create a Geographic order → By Names (this choice is accessible just to string measurements).

A new window will open with name Geographical information → select the measurement to guide to the chain of importance and snap on Confirm.

You can likewise make redo stories in SAP Lumira. To make tweak stories, you can include diverse sorts of pages in a story. To include a page click Add Page and select a page you need to add to the story. Drag the Visualization from the left board to the story. You can likewise include pictures from a nearby machine. Go to Pictures and snap on the + sign.

The benefits of using SAP Lumira for BI tools include the following:

  • It enables you to foresee future results and figure according to changing business sector circumstances.
  • You can make information representations and stories from numerous information sources.
  • It causes you to adjust information to hierarchical necessities to make stories with representations.
  • You can share the perceptions on various stages like SAP HANA, BO Explorer, Business Objects BI Platform, and so forth.

The various connection parameters include the following:

  • Connection Pool Mode: To keep association dynamic
  • Pool timeout: Time length to keep association dynamic in minutes.
  • Array Fetch Size: To decide the number of columns to get from the target database.
  • Array Bind Size: Larger tie exhibit, increasingly a number of lines will be gotten.
  • Login Timeout: Time before association endeavors a timeout.
  • JDBC Driver Properties

The various tools inserted into chart canvas include the following: Clear Chart, Sorted by Dimensions, Fit chart to frame, Refresh, Settings, Maximize, Add or Edit a ranking by measures, Reprompt, Undo and Redo.

  • Convey a quicker time to the understanding with the most recent perception innovations.
  • Envision any measure of information progressively with an instinctive intuitive interface.
  • Augment business information with a blend of enormous picture bits of knowledge and granular subtleties.
  • Drive quick results over your venture with the intensity of huge information.

Yes, SAP Lumira Server is a native of SAP HANA XS application facilitated on and overseen by the following SAP HANA stage:

  • SAP Lumira Server can be introduced utilizing SAP HANA Lifecycle director
  • Character and access the executives depend on SAP HANA stage
  • Support manual confirmation and SSO (SAML/X.509)
  • Content approval can be set at SAP HANA-job level with a view or alter rights to content. Content approval regards Data Authorization security setting.
  • Logging and following by means of XS follow logs office, which signs similarly as the center SAP HANA logs.
  • Logging utilizes the program support and logs are disposed of when the program closes or moves to another URL.
  • Reinforcement and recuperation as SAP HANA example
  • Load adjusting and switch intermediary are upheld.

In order to publish stories using SAP Lumira, you will find "Publish to SAP Lumira Server" option under the Share tab. Select your story and snap on "Publish to SAP Lumira Server". You will be required to enter your SAP Lumira qualifications.

You can make custom computations in Lumira information Visualization that are not accessible in the informational collection or at a database level. For instance: You have a "Salary" section in the informational index, you can include another determined segment with name "Reward" and can apply a figuring on Salary to get the estimation of this segment.

To utilize SQL inquiry to make dataset, go to record → New. Snap-on Query with SQL alternative to download a dataset and snap on Next. JDBC drivers must be introduced for database middleware for utilizing SQL question. The entrance driver is .container documents you can download from seller website and duplicate to driver envelope in application way. Select SQL question, all inquiries in green presents drivers have introduced appropriately for middleware. Select database middleware for the target database and snap on Next.

Filters are utilized to constrain the information in Lumira Visualizations. You can pass different filter conditions to limit information comes in representations and stories.

The benefit of using the display formatting option with Prepare tab include the following:

  • Selection of a particular format value
  • Choosing a display format of choice