Rust Interview Questions

Rust Programming Interview Questions and Answers

  • Q1.

    Explain Rust?

    Rust is blazingly fast systems programming language that prevents segfaults and guarantees thread safety.
  • Q2.

    Rust was Designed by whom

    Originally Rust was designed by Graydon Hoare, Now it managed by Rust project developers.
  • Q3.

    When the first version of Rust was released

    The first version of Rust was released in the year 2010.
  • Q4.

    Rust syntax is similar to which programming Language

    Rust is syntactically similar to C++.
  • Q5.

    List some features of Rust?

    Rust Programming Language comes with following features Sets.
    • zero-cost abstractions
    • move semantics
    • guaranteed memory safety
    • threads without data races
    • trait-based generics
    • pattern matching
    • type inference
    • minimal runtime
    • efficient C bindings
  • Q6.

    Who uses Rust?

    Below is list of some reputed companies who use Rust.You can find the complete list from Friends of Rust
    • 360dialog
    • OneSignal
    • Coursera
    • Atlassian
    • Braintree
    • npm, Inc
    • Mozilla
    • Xero
  • Q7.

    List the Platforms supported by Rust Programming Language

    Linux, Mac, and Windows, on the x86 and x86-64 CPU architecture, are some major platforms supported by Rust Programming Language. For the complete list please visit (
  • Q8.

    List steps to install Rust?

    On Linux and macOS simply open the terminal and run following commands
    $ curl -sSf | sh

    Above command will download a script, and start the installation process. If everything was good and no error occurred you will see below success message.
    Rust is installed now. Great!
    If you are on Windows. Installing Rust is very easy just download and run rustup-init.exe File. You can download it from here

  • Q9.

    Do you remember which command is used to uninstall Rust?

    $ rustup self uninstall command is used to uninstall Rust programming language.
  • Q10.

    How to get installed the version of Rust?

    rustc –version command is used to get installed version of Rust.
  • Q11.

    How to write and run a Rust Program?

    Step to create and run a Rust Program
    create a file name and add following code in it.
    fn main() {
        println!("Hello, Rust!");

    On Linux or macOS to run open terminal run below command

    $ rustc
    $ ./main
  • Q12.

    Explain Cargo?

    Cargo is Rust’s build system and package manager, and Rustaceans use Cargo to manage their Rust projects.Cargo manages three things: building your code, downloading the libraries your code depends on, and building those libraries.
    Read More:
  • Q13.

    What Is That Cargo.lock?

    When we run cargo build command it creates a new file called Cargo.lock.Cargo uses the Cargo.lock file to keep track of dependencies in your application.
  • Q14.

    What cargo new command do?

    cargo new creates a new project with Cargo. Below is the syntax to create a sample project using Rust Cargo.
     $ cargo new project_name --bin
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