Openshift Interview Questions

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Openshift Interview Questions

The most prominent features of Openshift are as-

  • It supports multiple languages and database.
  • Compatible towards the environment support.
  • It solemnly provides a web console.
  • Also provides remote debugging.
  • It has proficiency in a rich command line toolset.
  • It supports remote login to the application through SSH.

Well, both of them are the actual origin from open source projects and they equally provide Cloud Computing fundamentals. The major difference between them is that OpenStack provides infrastructure as service or in the form 'IaaS’. It also provides block storage and object storage to the bootable virtual machine. On the other hand, Openshift performs differently.

Openshift is basically a computer software product which is served from Red Hat. It is a cloud development service and an open source development platform for potential developers. The fundamentals of development and deployment of the applications over the cloud are conducted with Openshift.