GUI Interview Questions

GUI Interview Questions

  • Kanak Singh
  • 04th Jun, 2022

GUI Interview Questions

1) What do understand by GUI?

GUI (Graphical User Interface) includes graphical elements like windows, icons, cursors, and buttons. When you are interacting with a computer, you are the user. The method by which you are interacting is the user interface. All the computing devices now are designed to be graphical. It includes boxes, pictures, lines, and more.

GUIs are designed for different kinds of inputs.

For desktop OS like Windows and Mac OS, the menu bar, small icons, and the cursor is used.

For mobile OS like iOS and Android, larger icons, touch interface like swiping, pinching is used.

2) Who and when GUI was invented?

GUI was invented by the engineers at Xerox PARC for the Alto personal computer in 1973.

3) What are the advantages of a GUI?

GUI makes the computer operation more intuitive. So it is easy to learn even for beginners. GUI provides visual feedback immediately about the action the user is performing with the computer.

It allows multiple programs or multiple instances of a program to be simultaneously displayed on the windows.

For working with a GUI based OS, users don’t need to have the knowledge of programming languages.

4) Enlist various types of GUI?

Some of the type of GUI on the modern computing devices are,

  • Xfce GNOME
  • KDE
  • LXDE
  • FVWM
  • Enlightenment
  • Openbox
  • Fluxbox

5) What is the difference between GUI and UI?

Some Differences between UI and GUI

UI (User Interface) is the interaction between the human and the computer. It is done for the effective operation and control of the machine by the user. It includes a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, or any other input device to interact with the computer.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a subset of the UI that uses graphical elements for the interaction between the user and the computer. The interaction is done by directly manipulating the graphical elements.

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6) Enlist some GUI examples?

Some of the examples of GUI are

  • pointer,
  • icons,
  • windows,
  • menus,
  • scroll bars,
  • cursors,
  • buttons, etc.

It needs an intuitive input device to interact.

7) What is used to interact with a GUI?

Input devices Such as- keyboard, mouse, touch input via finger are mainly used to interact with the input devices.

8) What are the basic elements of a GUI?

The basic GUI elements are,

  • Checkboxes
  • Buttons
  • Label buttons
  • Radio buttons
  • Sliders Droplists
  • Textboxes

9) Enlist major programming language used to create GUI?

Some of the major programming languages for GUI creation are,

  • C/C++ GUI
  • Java GUI
  • Python GUI
  • VB.net GUI
  • C# GUI

10) What do you understand by the menu-driven interface?

The menu-driven interface consists of a series of the screen that is navigated by choosing options from the list. The menu is just a list of options on the screen that leads to other options.

It is commonly used for walk-up-and-use systems like ATMs.

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