EWM Interview Questions

EWM Interview Questions

SAP EWM what really is it? As you all of you know about it right? That it is a part of SAP AG’s supply chain Management Suite Of Solutions and rest of it as it goes along. But we are not here for describing it what really is it like Wikipedia, as we are here for you providing you guidance for your EWM Interview Questions interview if you are seeking to pursue your career in this field and it’s the first place to get the best possible answers for your questions. Right place? Indeed it is because we’re going to help you with your interview as what questions can be asked from you to get you out from anxiety about what will happen there. So don’t worry we got his covered for you and yes, obviously they won’t ask that same it’s just giving you an idea about it so you’ll be there all confident instead made that conference room really look like a library.

Generally as all interviews goes by they go for asking first about it’s a basic concept of that subject and then after by they will continue to go more deeper on that concept based on further discussion as they all being arranged in for all types of categories for fresher they really seek to get complex answers from you and if you’re an experienced one then you know it how it plays well there and how they can like really just ask basic ones in language of experiences sounds like a new concept for beginners. Whatever styles they would ask you should be prepared. So give this below questions a good read to make you look like the best candidate there.

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Below are the list of Best EWM Interview Questions and Answers

In the overview of the goods movement, the delivery numbers in Transaction C014 can be displayed. This is, however, possible only if the goods movements for these deliveries have not been posted by the EVM system yet. It is suggested that you may use transaction VL06 (Delivery Monitor) if you wish to display any additional information.

The following alternatives are available to you in case you want to assign multiple plants to an EWM Warehouse number:

The SCU of the plant can be utilized as the central SCU of the warehouse number. The user can proceed as mentioned in the user guide in this case. The SCU for the warehouse number can be created manually in EWM by the user.

Select the Extended Warehouse Management > Master Data > Maintain Supply Chain Unit (Transaction/SCMB/SCUMAIN).

A location type is entered by the user (for example, 1008 Warehouse) and choose 'Create'.

A description along with the address data has to be entered.

Create an entry with the characteristic 'INV' on the 'Business Characteristics' Tab.

You have to now save the SVU. The SCU hierarchy must always be created by you for this SCU. The Warehouse number is assigned to the SCU in the next step of the integration guide.

Once your client is set up in a manner that you have to record customizing changes then a customizing request for the data itself is required and during activation for customizing. In the first screen of the guided activity, you need to enter the transport request for the data set. For customizing it, you would be prompted by the system to enter the transport request and before the activation, it gets generated. You can here make use of the same transport request. A workbench request has to be entered on the activation screen for these settings once the cross-client settings are created by the implementation tool.

If the product you are using requires a serial number, then the quantity role SN (number of serial numbers) should be activated. Elsewhen you are adjusting the delivery quantity, errors may take place. An item type which is ideal for products can be utilized with serial number requirement which is meant for all products.

To set message/SPE/MAN022 as a warning in the table T160M the user can use transaction SM30. If you can ensure that the connected EWM is informed that the existing PMR is not valid only then this should be done. The system automatically performs this update. The system, for instance, could release the order immediately after post reading the master data and trigger the WM staging subsequently. The EWM receives all the information presented related to this order in this aspect

Two transactions are available to create a transfer order for moving partial stocks within a warehouse number:

1.) Create Transfer Order without Source Object (transaction code LT01)

2.) Create Transfer Order from Stock List (transaction code LT10)

The physical location of the storage area is represented by the storage bins wherein the products are stored in Warehouse. Storage Bins are at the lowest stage of organization structure and you have to mention its exact place when you keep an object in a Warehouse.

The product actions are decided by storage control in a warehouse. It is used for stocking removal system and executing put away in the warehouse.

It types are:-

  • Layout oriented
  • Process-oriented