10+ free Tools that make web developers Life Easy


Posted On: Jan 25, 2023

10+ free Tools that make web developers Life Easy


Being an expert web developer, you always want to be at the high position of your game every time and selecting the appropriate web development tools will play a significant role in your failure or success. The issue is, there are several web development tools, in which some of them are newly released and promoted every week. Above this, co-workers, as well as forum buddies, will be suggesting the prominent and the rest every day.

As you need the top web development tools to assist you to get your work done, on the basis of several distinct tools that can form a task completely complicated. At the same time as it is a decent thought to check over suggestions, so as to be adept and proficient at your work, it completely depends on you to select the ideal web development tools which match your requirements and flatter the way in which you love to work.

To ensure that you are not losing anything on any amazing tools, we have listed 10 tools we thing each web developer should, at any rate, know about. Also, to enable you to search out the best suggestions we’ve listed them for you so that you understand where you can use them appropriately.

Top Ten Free Tools for Web Developer

  • DevTools

    DevTools is one of the amazing developer tools. You can make use of them in Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser you want, so that you get acquainted with the internal working of the website as well as its applications. These tools are very helpful because they permit the developer to:

    • Check and modify HTML elements
    • Include and check out CSS style rules
    • View the page’s JavaScript functions
    • Recognize which items stack rapidly or unhurriedly
  • Visual Studio Code
    If you are a web developer, you will be demanded to write a lot of core coding, So, it is good to find the best editor to reduce your some work and that is none other than the Visual Studio Code.

    GitHub integration, as well as IntelliSense, being its main aspects for knowledgeable web devs, this editor, in addition, offers you a user-friendly interface, supports several distinct languages as well as ensure that your syntax is highlighted. The very best thing about this is it is completely free to use.

  • FileOptimizer (PC) / ImageOptim (Mac)
    FileOptimizer (PC) and ImageOptim (Mac) tools are used to optimize images.
    ImageOptim is quick, straightforward and simple to utilize. It’s an incredible tool for compressing images as well as sparing space on your computer.
    FileOptimizer accomplishes similar outcomes, however, doesn't place files into a compressed folder, but in fact, compresses the original file itself.
  • Bootstrap
    Do you like to develop a website by not spending much of your time on the CSS? Then, Bootstrap is the only one tool that you're really should use. Bootstrap is a CSS kit designed by developers at Twitter, has rapidly turned into the CSS structure of reference. Two or three its most-cherished highlights comprise:

    A simple and brisk approach to make awesome looking and responsive sites

    Since it's a generally utilized tool, there is a lot of free layouts and sites with a considerable amount of useful tutorials. And Bootstrap’s authentic GitHub page is exceptionally dynamic keeping in mind the end goal to persistently enhance this tool!

    There are more up to date systems that keep on growing, for example, Materialize as well as Mui, so in case you're hoping to extend your toolkit, this may be a great tool to start with.

  • GitHub
    Do you work with other developers and write code for them? Do you want to become capable of tracking changes to your code and be protected/not losing everything in the event that anything ever happens to your primary PC or server?
    Form control is basic nowadays. Git, a tool made by Linus Torvald, is an awesome choice for doing only that and it is suggested to you utilize it and ace it so as to save yourself from any future second thoughts.
  • AngularjS
    Angular is an extremely great development platform for developing applications all over the web. With straightforward, decisive templates, reusable segments, and support for all parts of the development experience, Angular makes it simple for the web developer to write, test, as well as deploy.
  • Node.js

    Node.js is again the great tool for use. It is an open source, JavaScript run-time functioned something like Chrome V8 engine for building up an assortment of Web applications. The Chrome V8 engine was made to enable JavaScript run in the browser. Node has a great non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight as well as effective. Node.js was at first written by Ryan Dahl in 2009. The underlying release supported just Linux.

  • Cloud9 IDE
    Cloud9 IDE is another tool for web developers to help them work together with others on big-scale code ventures. Giving developers around the world over a chance to rewrite a similar code and chat together in real time, it's quick rising as a standout among other program based IDEs.  Features involve drop-document trees, code finishing and editor, smart drag as well as FTP integration.
  • FreePik

    Freepik provides a massive selection of illustrations, SVGs, vector art, PSDs and stock photos. The whole lot is free of cost and arranged conveniently so you shouldn't have any issue finding what you require, despite the fact that you may experience a hard time picking since there are more than 1,4 Million things to date.

  • Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (Sass)

    Sass is termed as CSS pre-processor that supports the user while composing flexible, recyclable as well as maintainable code. Sass consists of features that involve mixins, variables, and clustering of selectors, functions as well as expressions. Utilizing Sass, you can form a big and complicate style sheet simpler to comprehend and sustain. It is basically an open source style sheet language intended by Hampton Catlin.

Final Words

Therefore, if you want your web development should succeed after spending a lot of time and energy in it, then do make use of any of these tools. There are several tools using which you can boost up the production without completely forcing yourself. Several tools are upcoming daily. But for now, these top-quality tools for web developers with definitely welcome freshness to your functioning style as well as easy your work to a great extent. It depends totally on you to select the appropriate alternatives to match the needs.

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